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We ate dog food at Camp Grandma today. I would never ask the grandsons to taste test doggie treats, unless we made them ourselves.

Why did we make dog food? We have grand-dogs that need spoiling. Our grandsons love making cookie cutter shaped cookies, thus Camp Grandma was all about making doggie treat cookies for the grand-dogs.

I looked for the healthiest doggie snack ingredients, and this is what I found….pumpkin puree is bursting with vitamins, beta carotene and fiber. Besides being low in calories, it will help a tummy-aching dog settle its stomach. Eggs are a protein that keeps their fur coats looking shiny and molasses has vitamins, minerals and helps relieve stiffness from arthritis.
Camp Grandma Dog Treat #cookie #treat

The grandsons tasted the doggie treats and declared them rather bland and needing some frosting!

To make this cookie baking venture successful, a batch of sugar cookie dough came to the rescue.

The boys went to work and rolled, cut, baked and then snacked on frosted cookie treats made just for them.

As you can see, Copper loves attention and doggie treats. The grandson’s research proved it was a hands (or paws) down decision….the homemade treats were his new favorite. Their research may be a bit faulty though, since Copper also loves smelly socks.


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Treats for Dogs
Recipe type: Snack or Treat
Serves: 30-40
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
A healthy doggie treat with no preservatives or added sugar, but lots of vitamins and minerals for your pet.
  • ½ Cup Pumpkin Puree (not pie filling)
  • 2 Tablespoons Molasses
  • 2 Tablespoons Olive Oil
  • 3 Tablespoons Water
  • 2 Eggs
  • 2½ Cups Flour (all-purpose or whole wheat)
  • 3 Tablespoons Dry Milk
  • ½ Teaspoon Baking Soda
  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
  2. In a bowl, add pumpkin puree, molasses, oil, water and eggs and mix well.
  3. In a separate bowl, mix flour, dry milk, and baking soda.
  4. Add dry ingredients to wet ingredients and mix into dough.
  5. Add more water to the dough if needed, but dough should be dry and stiff, not sticky.
  6. On a lightly floured surface, roll out the dough to ¼ inch thick.
  7. Cut with a cookie cutter.
  8. Place cookies on non-stick cookie sheet about 1 inch apart.
  9. Bake for 15 to 20 minutes.
  10. Let cool on cooling racks.
  11. Makes 30-40 cookies.

  82 Responses to “Treats for Grand-Dogs at Camp Grandma”

  1. LOL!! You KNOW I’ve got to be one of your biggest fans for this post with Cooper!! Great job to you and the grandkids, Neva! OMG that picture of him looking directly at the camera is what has me giggling. That is priceless, “GIVE. ME. THE. TREAT. NOW.” LOL! And spot on research with the pumpkin and eggs is I do find myself to have earned a bit of expert status on healthy canine diets. What is best about these natural treats is that kids can enjoy them too! 🙂

    • This was one of those crazy things we just had to try at Camp Grandma. We love healthy food and hopefully with our help, our pets will live just a little longer for us to enjoy.

  2. What a very tasty and healthy sounding doggie treats. The look on Copper’s face is sublime! Love it 🙂 Your grandchildren look so happy at all the Camp Grandma activities – you do so well – and you are such an inspiration for other Grandmas. I know I’m going to be following your lead one day – so I’m taking good heed!

    • Copper loved his treats and I understand they also treated the neighbor dog to some too. I am having so much fun doing projects, food or crafts, with them and know that someday they will continue this tradition with their kids.

  3. Copper is absolutely adorable! 🙂 That looks like a wonderfully healthy recipe. Baking isn’t exactly my strong suit, but, I will try this. So much better than the store bought treats. Thanks for visiting my site earlier. I am enjoying yours and will definitely be back.
    (P.S. CommentLuv wouldn’t work for me. Said this: Your access to this site has been limited. )

    • We had a fun time learning what were the healthy foods for pets and then making them. Although the boys decided the treats were to bland to eat more than just this one time. Your site is beautifully designed and enjoyed reading some of your posts too.

  4. Lovely photos…

  5. Hello Neva! What an imaginative baking idea. We have just moved house, and are contemplating a doggie. I think I’ll keep this post and recipe handy for future reference. Last evening, my husband wanted to know what the ingredients are! Sounds promising.

    • I hope the information will also help with keeping your new puppy healthy. Good luck with deciding when and if to add a doggie to your household as it is an important decision.

  6. Both your grandkids and your dogs are lucky to have you in their lives!

  7. Lucky grand-dogs! We like making homemade treats here as well. Definitely a great way to spoil them 😉

    • It was interesting to find out what foods are the healthiest for pets. Grand-dogs deserve to have food that’s best for them.

  8. I regularly donate cans of pumpkin puree to my local animal shelter. The dogs love it! Your treats turned out great!

    • What a nice thing to do for your animal shelter. I found it helpful to learn that pumpkin puree helps their tummies.

  9. They are very fortunate to have someone to home bake natural and yummy treats for them. Copper is a beautiful dog!

  10. Thank you for the recipe!! I have been wanting to try some homemade dog treats for awhile now. Can’t wait to test this out!! Cute pictures too, by the way 🙂

  11. What a really sweet doggie! I would love to have a pet to make these for.

    • He’s only a few months old and knows how to look sad enough to get royally spoiled. Copper is very entertaining and loves to hike so I’m sure these treats will keep him healthy.

  12. That is one patient pup to wait for a picture with a treat on his nose! 😀

  13. What a great memory! Thanks for the recipe!

    • This is the healthiest recipe that I could find. I was eager to share a treat that is will be good for the grand-dogs.

  14. The bone and dog shaped treats look so cute. I’m sure they’ll be pampered with food like this.

  15. This is the first time I have ever seen a recipe for a homemade doggie treat. I love the last photos, so adorable! Great job I bet it was a lot of fun.

    • I never realized there were healthier ways to feed a dog treats like pumpkin. It was a good learning time for the grandkids too.

  16. Looks like the big humans, little humans and canines all had a fun day. If I had a dog I would assuredly try these.

    • We always do have a blast learning about science or food. Camp Grandma is for the grand-kids, but grandma has even more fun.

  17. What a fun activity to do with grandchildren! I have a dog as well but I’ve never made treats for her, maybe I’ll try out this recipe!

    • We had a blast making cookies and trying the taste test of doggie treats. The grandsons decided cookies need frosting though.

  18. Camp Grandma sound like a lot fun for everyone. Healthly cookies is a great idea for any dog.

    • Camp Grandma is a fun time that the grandkids look forward to. Although I think I have more fun than the kids on our adventures.

  19. What a a lucky dog to get homemade healthy yummy treats! Will pass this to my dog owner friends

    • It is a recipe worth enjoying by all lucky pets. Your friends will love getting healthy recipes for their pets as well as for themselves.

  20. My kids would love to make treats for our dog. I will definitely try your recipe, thanks for sharing!

    • Kids love to bake cookies and love using cookie cutters. So this is a fun way for kids to learn what’s healthy for their pet.

  21. I’ve always wanted to make dog treats but didn’t know how to. I have bookmarked your page. So Awesome! Can’t wait to make these for our pup.

    • Glad your pup will get to enjoy these healthy treats too. Camp Grandma has only fun things going on, can’t you tell?

  22. Awww, that pup is just waiting to be able to snack on that treat! I’ve never made my own dog treats, but they don’t sound half bad.

    • The recipe was easier that I expected, but bland enough for a dog to enjoy. The grandkids wanted frosted cookies, so we made them too.

  23. You are so sweet to make those. Copper is a lucky pup indeed. He looks just like my sister’s two doggies!

    • Camp Grandma is about learning to cook or science projects. Copper is happy to get the attention and treats for doing his tricks.

  24. those cookies looked tasty i wonder if we could eat them too! haha looked like the kids had so much fun making those dog food! 😀

    • That’s the fun of making these doggie treats. It is safe for humans to eat them, although the kids thought they needed frosting since dogs don’t mind that they are bland.

  25. lol at your ending! How fun to make those, I bet your grandchildren will remember it fondly. 🙂

    • The grandkids do look forward to having fun at Camp Grandma. When they are learning as well about cooking or science, it makes this grandma very happy too.

  26. I don’t have any dogs, but those are the coolest thing to make with kids and it looks super simple as well.

    • We only have grand-dogs now, but Camp Grandma is about having fun with the grandkids. This is a fun way for the kids to learn how to bake while enjoying the process.

  27. Tried the recipe and my puppy loved it! I now prefer giving this if I have a time to bake. It’s a fun activity also for the kids.

    • I’m so glad to hear that the recipe was a hit for your puppy too. I can appreciate how busy everyone is and its easier to just buy instead of bake. Good for you.

  28. I use to love making treats for our pups, there are so many recipes to try, especially getting them to do tricks, how cute!

  29. I love it. Camp grandma and grand-dogs! Ill have to try the dog treats for my little doggy!

    • We started doing Camp Grandma when I found such fun science projects to try. Learning should be fun and we certainly have lots of giggles when the kids play with me.

  30. What a great memory to have. Thanks for the recipe, Neva.

    • I hope the recipe is enjoyed by your pet. The grandkids like to cut out cookies and this time they found out what dog treats taste like too.

  31. I will have to try to make these tomorrow for my dogs. I have to put one down the end of the week because he has kidney failure and this would be perfect treat for him. He likes to steal the cooling cookies from the table one at time when I bake cookies. Thanks for sharing.

    • I’m so glad to share this recipe with a dog lover who is going through a difficult time of saying goodbye to her pet. My sympathy to you and I’m sure he will love Rainbow Bridge.

  32. I cant wait to try this recipe for my fur baby. I shared the link with my sister they have 3 dogs at her place and would love to try this out. Thanks for sharing.

    • Sometimes it’s nice to know exactly what is in the food we give our pets as well as our family. This will be a great Christmas gift to give families that have pets.

  33. Haha, great lead in. I don’t think I would eat dog food unless I made it too. Thanks for sharing!

    • When thinking about it, our pets really shouldn’t eat something that we would be afraid to try ourselves. Although the treats are rather bland for human kids, since they love frosted cookies.

  34. Pumpkin is great for both cats and dogs alike – and they love it! must try these 🙂

  35. My son would love to make our own dog treats for our “Doug.” Thanks for the recipe. (Pumpkin is great for dogs, too!)

    • I believe kids will remember how to make healthier snacks and treats if they try recipes like this one. This is the only way we would allow the kids to taste doggie food, by making it ourselves.

  36. Its like a fun project for the kids to do. The dogs i am sure loved there treats.

    • The kids and I have a blast at Camp Grandma and I’m not sure who has more fun. This is one way that we can taste test dog food and know it’s okay to eat.

  37. Very nice & interesting story! Copper is sooo adorable so with the cookies. I can say, it’s one of the fun kids’ activities.

    • The kids love to do cookie cut outs and this is a way for them to learn what foods are healthy for their pet. My Grand-dog didn’t mind the extra attention one bit.

  38. Looks like a fun time! I have a cousin who makes homemade dog treats!

    • I love helping the grandkids learn about healthy foods for them and their pet. Funny how it seems that I have twice as much fun than they do.

  39. This is just adorable. I love puppy treats, and I love the pumpkin puree. My little pup loves it too. She’s always had some big tummy troubles so we have given her pumpkin billions of times. Apparently she was allergic to chicken. CHICKEN. Ya know what’s in all dog food? CHICKEN. *sigh* The things we do for love for our little pups! Haha

    • Isn’t it great how we can google the answers to our pets tummy problems and find the answer so quickly. I didn’t know dogs and people can be allergic to wheat flour as well as chicken, when it’s been advertised as the healthiest.

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