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Is this winter cold enough for Hell and Niagara Falls to freeze over? Sky Falls

Niagara Horse Shoe Falls Niagara Falls Death Barrel Niagara Cable Car Niagara Falls underneath the falls Niagara Falls Floral ClockHopefully I’ll never find out about that other place, but Niagara Falls will never completely freeze.

Water still flows underneath the ice bridge formed most winters by mist and freezing water.

This is what Niagara Falls and the cars looked like 52 years ago.  We carried on a tradition, that started when Napoleon’s brother brought his American bride here on their honeymoon in 1804.

Yes, that’s my handsome young husband showing off his new wedding ring.

What do hand holding, kissy-face newlyweds take pictures of? Morbid death barrels and other containers that people stupid enough to try going over the falls crawled into.

The good news is, a few did survive.

A cable car built in 1916, took us over the Niagara whirlpool.

This Aero Car was upgraded the year we rode on it. I’m not sure if that was before or after we rode on this rickety looking contraption. Recent pictures show that the only changes to the Aero Car has been adding a metal roof.

To hear the roar of the waterfall, we went through a series of tunnels to an observation deck.

Luckily waterproof cameras were invented 52 years ago.

Now there is a barricade that keeps people farther back from the edge of the falls.

The international boundary was placed somewhere over the Horseshoe Falls.

Erosion has caused a dispute over the boundary line, so no need to carry your passport if your boat is going over the falls.

This Flora Clock has been changing it’s face every year since 1950.

Although I’m always wondering where the time went, my mirror shows the changes added to my own face since our honeymoon.

Oh, well- – our life has been a fun trip of memories, with more to come.

How have your favorite vacation places changed over the years?

Feb 012014

Will there be six more weeks of winter or an early spring?  Will Punxsy wake up to his shadow?
Groundhog Club for Punxsy Phil Groundhog Day Puxsny
Groundhog punxsutawney phil in a can The origin of Groundhog Day began with the celebration of Candlemas Day in medieval Europe.
Candles were blessed and handed out on a day that was midpoint between the first day of winter and the first day of spring.

In Germany, the hedgehog was chosen for predicting the weather.

When the German settlers arrived in Pennsylvania, they continued this tradition with a groundhog, since hedgehogs weren’t available.  In 1886, The Punxsutawney Spirit printed the first official observance in its newspaper.

We’ve celebrated Punxsutawney Phil’s debut on Groundhog Day ever since.

This tradition isn’t totally goofy, since animals are sensitive to the thawing of soil and other signs of spring.

If you’re not crazy about a cuddling a rodent on this special day, the “groundhog in a can” souvenir is available at this Punxsutawney website.


This is a recipe that allows you to play with your food.
The tootsie roll groundhogs pop up from the cookies with the help of your pinky finger.groundhog cookies recipe
The kids will love biting off the heads of their groundhog/dogs with this meal theme. Hotdog Groundhogs

The hot dog groundhogs can be placed inside cornbread muffins, a snowy mound of mashed potatoes or baked biscuits.


What fun ways do you celebrate this day?

There are lots more fun recipes at this website:http://www.sheknows.com
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