Feb 042014

As a young boy, John Pollack built boats from scrap wood that eventually sank.  He dreamed of building a boat from something that couldn’t sink….corks.
CorkBoat John Pollack
Over the next 25 years, he never stopped saving corks.  His book, Cork Boat, is a memorable account of making his dream a reality.  His 27 foot boat is made of 165,321 corks, large rubber bands, fishnet and heavy cord.

My grandsons made their cork boats on a much smaller scale, since we don’t drink that much wine!
Cork Boat finished
Cork boat assembly
Cork Boat assembly 1


They each decided how big to make their boats by gluing rows of three or four corks together.

After many warnings of what happens when hot glue touches fingers, they became very adept at using my glue gun.

Wooden skewers pushed easily into the corks for masts and swizzle sticks became rudders.

Foam sheets from Michaels Craft Store were cut and glued to the base.


Then the boy’s creativity kicked in by adding a foam crow’s nest, helm, cannon and flags.


Finally we had to stop making boats, when we ran out of corks and hot glue.Cork Boat foam sheet assembly


Cork Boat ready for launch




Now off to the bathtub to launch the fleet linked together with paper clips.
Cork Boats flotilla
  Camp Grandma is always looking new craft ideas.   What’s your kid’s wintertime favorite?

Oct 092013

Wine goes well with everything, but especially while celebrating my Birthday. Birthday Celebration An evening surrounded by family, with a delicious meal and wine selected for this event, creates a memorable celebration.

Merlot is always a favorite choice of ours and now I would like to invite you to another celebration.  Fall is grape harvest time and what better way to celebrate than with a MerlotMe event.

blog - merlotOn October 10th, a must-attend MerlorMe celebration is happening in San Francisco.  Twenty wineries will be pouring their signature Merlot wines and serving appetizers, while enjoying panoramic views of the area.

If you won’t be able to view the Golden Gate Bridge with a glass of wine on October 10th, gather some friends for your own MerlotMe wine celebration.  In case you’re wondering about the name, it is slang for “it’s been a long day, Merlot me!”

blog - merlot monthTo follow the celebrations and events happening in your area or anywhere around the world for wine lovers, click on this twitter or facebook link.

Cheers to a MerlotMe month.

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Jul 282013

I was asked to review a new website called WineMaps.  This site is an interactive travel map that will show you where all the wineries, wine bars, vineyards and events are in your home town or around the world on your own phone.  How easy is this?Wine Map.

blog - winemap interactive siteTo give you some background, WineMaps is a site that was funded by a stay at home dad because of his love for local wineries, and all that they bring to the wine community.  Ryan Ornelas found it especially challenging to find information about small wineries, while on vacation.  He felt inspired to help boutique wineries get discovered by wine lovers outside the larger, more obvious wine regions, by creating WineMaps.

wine lover

Fellow wine lovers, join me in signing up for their free newsletter at this site: http://discover.winemaps.com/beta/  to be sure you won’t miss out on any of the up-coming wine events and places to visit.

Read more about WineMaps on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post.  All opinions remain my own and may not reflect the opinions of anyone else.


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