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My grandson loves to play Pokémon and requested this theme for his birthday cake.

Pokémon Black and White Versions- Isshu Region Pokémon (complete)

He agreed to narrow down the choices of his favorite characters to three for his cake.

After researching more about Pokémon, I found that some of the main images in the game are water, leaf, and fire.

Fortunately, these symbols were easy to make out of fondant.

Pokemon birthday cake

For the two chocolate cakes, I used a 9 x 13 inch pan.  Then half of the second batter was poured into a small metal bowl and the rest poured into a round cake pan.  The large cake was cut in half to make two rectangle shaped pieces.  The round cake was trimmed for the middle section.  Now the round bowl piece was set in the center of the three sections for the Poké Ball.

I love the Savory Sweet Life blog’s Buttercream Frosting recipe and one thin layer was spread on the cake shapes.  The cake was then put in the freezer, while I made the fondant.

Rice Krispie treats work great for molding the character shapes.  Since fondant is expensive and can sometimes be hard as a rock, I found the perfect recipe.  Marshmallow Fondant is great to work with and the How She Does It website gives a detailed step by step tutorial for a “no-fail’ recipe.Pokemon Cake 1

His friends are all Pokémon lovers and they enjoyed choosing which parts of the cake they wanted to eat.

Was it a labor of love?  Absolutely.

But this grandma works for hugs and birthday boy smiles.

What is the most unusual birthday cake you’ve ever seen?

Sep 212013

Blue Lily Photography is a traveling family that has been, and will go, everywhere!   bluelily viking costume jasper canada

As they state in their bio: “A few years ago we sold our belongings and gave up our professions to take photos of families, while traveling the world.

Their amazing talents are put to creative use for their children’s annual birthday photo shoots.

bluelily viking hiccup costumeKeeping with tradition, Wendy and Tyler planned Isaac’s eighth birthday pictures with another theme (see last year’s Hobbit shoot and the year before- Tarzan).

Isaac loved the film, How to Train a Dragon, about a Viking named Hiccup.  So he decided he wanted to be “a ferocious Viking, with some niceness.”bluelily viking cotume glacier Jasper Canada

bluelily viking hiccup costume Jasper CanadaTo set the themed birthday shoot into motion, Wendy commissioned me to re-create the Hiccup costume.  She sent a picture of the Viking boy and the many measurements needed.  After sewing the clothes and covering some boots, the outfit was sent to them.

Wendy and Tyler knew when they arrived at Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada, that this was the perfect location for the photo shoot.

This became Isaac’s favorite hike in the whole world, and as he told me later when we met for the first time, also “the coldest hike.”

Sit back and enjoy the travels and many creative pictures of Blue Lily Photography on their blog.

I’m sure Isaac would enjoy your comments of how ferocious, but nice he looked as a Viking at this link: http://bluelily.squarespace.com/blue-lily-blog/2012/8/5/a-very-viking-birthday-happy-8th-birthday-isaac.html

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