Sep 242013

My grandsons are becoming great cooks and always eager to try making something new.
Cake in a Mug ingredientsGrowing boys are hungry boys, when they come home from school.Cake in a Mug microwave

Upon finding cakes on Pinterest that are baked in the microwave instead of the oven, I knew they could make these safely on their own.

What’s neat about a dessert called “Cake in a Mug” is, they won’t leave a big mess in mommy’s kitchen.

All the ingredients are added and stirred into a mug and only take one minute to bake.Cake in a Mug grandson

Other than the grandson’s favorite chocolate fudge, any flavor of cake mix can be used.

Add ready made frosting or whipped cream and some tummies are happy.

The boys love to twist open an Oreo cookie and they sure make funny owl eyes.Cake in a Mug Owl Cake

They used the unfrosted cookie half to make mustaches, eyebrows or smiley mouths.

All that’s needed now, is M & M’s for the eyes and nose.  Candy Corn makes cute noses too.

They can no longer say “there’s nothing to eat,” when their tummies need an after school snack.  They now know how to make a one minute cake with no mess and no burned fingers.


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Cake in a Mug
Recipe type: Dessert
Serves: 1
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
A microwaved one minute cake baked in a mug.
  • 1 box Angel Food Cake Mix
  • 1 box Cake Mix (any flavor)
  • 2 tablespoons of water
  1. In a zip-lock bag, add the two cake mixes and mix well.
  2. Take out 3 tablespoons of the cake mix combination and mix it with 2 tablespoons of water in a small microwave-safe mug.
  3. Microwave on high for 1 minute.
Cooking spray can be added to the mug for easy removable of cake.
One cake mix MUST be Angel Food, because it has the egg whites in it.
Top with a dollop of fruit, frosting or whipped topping.

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Apr 242013

My husband and I became volunteer managers of an HO Scale train room, at our area’s Senior Recreation Center last year.  This meant fixing the railroad track, so the model trains would run again.  Also, an ongoing project is to create scenes that bring back our childhood memories of an era when we paid 59 cents a gallon for gasoline.

train room copy

After many months of time and effort, our train room was ready to be shown off to visitors, including our city’s Mayor and Council Members.  The Salt Lake Tribune reporter labeled our accomplishments, “a gem in the heart of West Valley City.”

In celebration of our Model Train Room grand re-opening, I created a special cake for the occasion.

train cake copy

The bottom layer is two lemon cake mixes baked in 9 x 13 inch pans with green tinted whipped cream for grass color and white whipped cream with graham cracker crumbs for the ground coloring.

The train engine is a chocolate cake mix baked in two loaf pans and a mini-loaf pan.  I filled one loaf pan 3/4 full, so it would puff up higher and rounder to make the boiler.   The second loaf pan was filled 1/2 full to make the coal tender.  The mini-loaf pan cake was tipped on end for the engine.

Three mini-donuts were covered with chocolate frosting for the smoke stack.  A gold foil wrapped Rollo candy is the train bell and red licorice added trimming.  Oreo cookies (without the filling) were used for the train wheels with life savers in the center.  Crushed Oreo cookies were used for the tender’s coal.  Carmel Corn was threaded on a stiff wire that was bent to simulate the smoke and then inserted into the mini-donut smoke stack.  Licorice created the train track and a picture of Mickey Mouse was inserted for the train engineer.

My inspiration for this train cake came from the many great ideas shown on this website:   Please let me know if you have any questions on the assembly of this fun cake.

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