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A look back to a special time in my life as an Olympic volunteer, when Salt Lake City hosted the Olympics in 2002. Olympic Torch
The 2002 Olympic motto was Light the Fire Within and the Cauldron was created with the Fire and Ice theme in mind. Designed to look like an icicle, it was made of glass which allowed the fire to be seen burning within. Small jets sent water down the glass sides of the cauldron to give the effect of melting ice.
Olympic rings with Airforce one President plane
Air Force One landed with President George W. Bush on board. To be visible across the valley, the illuminated Olympic Rings were displayed across an area the size of ten football fields.
Olympic opening trade center flag
The tattered flag was recovered from the World Trade Center ruins after the Sept. 11 terrorist attack in New York City. It was carried into the opening ceremony by eight athletes escorted by New York City firefighters and Port Authority police.
Olympic chair lift from tents toshovels
Every morning our course crew teams were sent up the mountain at Snowbasin in Ogden, Utah to prepare the Women’s and Men’s Downhill courses. We looked like Blue Smurfs skiing to our designated areas.
112 clean course between racers
This is what you didn’t see when you watched the Olympics. We were a small part of the many volunteers making this the best possible Olympic event ever. I’ll never forget how dedicated these volunteers were to work for “free” just for the pride and love of the sport, country, and the fact that the world was watching us.
Olympic day with Wisconsin skiers

All volunteers received extensive training on being helpful and friendly to the visitors. Being part of a photo op was the easiest part of my job, since these three guys were visiting from my birth State of Wisconsin.
Olympic Mascots with Mitt Romney
The three Olympic mascots are: Swifter, a snowshoe hare. Higher, a coyote. Stronger, an American black bear. They are based on a Utah legend inspired by petroglyphs from a Native American tradition. Mitt Romney was the President and CEO of the Salt Lake Organizing Committee, and more recently the Republican nominee for president of the United States.
037 Kari's view of mountains
023 sunrise





Since our days began as early as 4 a.m., we enjoyed beautiful sunrises at the top of Snowbasin Ski Resort. My daughter Kari stands near the starting gate of the Woman’s Downhill course and a view of what the Olympic skiers saw on their way down the mountain.
Olympic Volunteer party 1
After the Olympic and Paralympic games ended, the volunteers came together one last time. This special night was given to honor all the dedicated volunteers, with a concert on the Olympics Medal Plaza.

What is your favorite Olympic memory?

Dec 312013

On this last day of 2013, reflecting and remembering all the events of the year would take quite a while.  Fortunately, it helps that my memory isn’t as detailed as it used to be.  I wouldn’t want to stay up all night!!!  So I’m sending my thanks to you, my family and friends in this short quote.
blog - thanks










Also, I’d like to share this inspiring comment from an Olympic paraplegic skier.  I plan on reading this often during the 2014 year, when I feel frustrated.

“This Holiday and every day you live, thank God you can see the sunlight when you awake, as there are many who are blind.  When you sit down to a meal give thanks, for there are many who are hungry.  Give thanks for your family and your friends, for many are alone.  Give thanks for your job and co-workers, for there are many with no job.”

“Thank God for his most precious gift, your life.  Treasure the gift of each day and take nothing for granted.  Find your way down the mountain, no matter how difficult.  And cherish the journey.”

Thank you for your friendship and I look forward to our journey together in the New Year.

Aug 062013


Educational toys do not need batteries, re-chargeable plugs, or annoying beeps at Camp Grandma.Stacking Cups

Stacking plastic cups is one of the least expensive and creative toys found in every household.

Practicing eye/hand coordination, when they aren’t even two years old yet, makes a grandma proud.


Other games to play include trying to bounce ping pong balls into the cups.


Stacking Cups advanced game

Stacking Cups game
As the grandkids get older, the designs become more involved and colorful.

In case you haven’t guessed, this is an airport terminal and the highway is edged with marbles.

My husband has had to resort to hiding some disposable cups, when planning a cookout.


The Junior Olympic Games for Championship Cup Stacking is held annually and draws more than 17,000 athletes from around the world.

For more information on this amazing event:  http://www.speedstacks.com/

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