Jul 272014

Just when we thought traveling out east to see New York’s Niagara Falls gave us the most beautiful and highest waterfall, we learned there is a Niagara Falls West. #Shoshone Falls #Idaho #Niagara Falls West #Retire for the Fun of it
Another Niagara Falls, you ask?  Well, Shoshone Falls in Idaho is 45 feet higher than Niagara Falls, although not nearly as wide.  If you don’t like crowds, you will love the view at these western Falls.  You won’t have to crowd onto a Maid of the Mist boat with other tourists for a wet ride to the falls, instead a small boat can be rented for your personal up close feel of a dramatic waterfall spray.

The dirt ramp is still there (on the left side) where Evel Knievel took a giant leap of faith in his Skycycle to reach the other side.  I remember that day in 1974, when thousands of people converged on the area in hopes of possibly seeing a daredevil fall to his death. #Snake River Canyon #Evel Knievel Jump #Idaho #Retire for the Fun of it

The rocket made it to the other side, but the drogue chute on his cycle came out too early.  The strong winds and dragging chute blew his rocket backwards and sent him plunging into the canyon.  According to the videos, Evel survived with just a bruised nose.  His famously over-inflated ego allowed him to call the jump a success.  I guess any time you can walk away from danger, confirms it as a success.

#Evel Knievel #X-2 Skycycle

Photo taken by Docob5 at the Harley-Davidson museum

Evel Knievel’s son is hoping to recreate his father’s jump, but hasn’t announced his plans yet.  Another motorcycle stuntman, Big Ed Beckley, received permission to do the jump this September.  Ed’s plan is to jump the canyon one day prior to the 40th anniversary of Knievel’s attempt.  Will he do it and survive?  We will find out in a few months.
#twin Sculpture #Twin Falls #Idaho
I love this sculpture named the Twins in Twin Falls, which seems to being twirling towards the sky near the Perrine Bridge.

Base Jumper Perrine Bridge Idaho
Base Jumpers 2 Canopies Idaho
Base Jumpers Canopies Bridge
Base Jumper Canopy Perrine Bridge IdahoNo, these are not suicidal jumpers deciding whether to end their lives off the Perrine Bridge.

They are wearing parachutes on their backs.

Evel Knievel isn’t the only person that takes leaps of faith into Twin Falls’ Snake River.

The Perrine Bridge has the distinction of being one of the few spots in America that allow BASE jumping without requiring permits.

For the non-adrenalin junkies, BASE stands for land-based areas that people risk their bodies to jump off of – Building, Antenna, Span, and Earth.

The city requests that jumpers please let the police know about their risky intentions.

Thus if a motorist dials 911 to report a suicide happening on the bridge, the police can assure them it’s just some nutty BASE jumper.

We were fortunate to get to the bridge in time to watch two jumpers enjoying their passion.

My husband and I have jumped with parachutes out of a “perfectly good airplane” on many occasions, but have no desire to try this sport anytime soon.

What is your favorite sport for that elusive adrenalin rush experience?

Feb 202014

Is this winter cold enough for Hell and Niagara Falls to freeze over? Sky Falls

Niagara Horse Shoe Falls Niagara Falls Death Barrel Niagara Cable Car Niagara Falls underneath the falls Niagara Falls Floral ClockHopefully I’ll never find out about that other place, but Niagara Falls will never completely freeze.

Water still flows underneath the ice bridge formed most winters by mist and freezing water.

This is what Niagara Falls and the cars looked like 52 years ago.  We carried on a tradition, that started when Napoleon’s brother brought his American bride here on their honeymoon in 1804.

Yes, that’s my handsome young husband showing off his new wedding ring.

What do hand holding, kissy-face newlyweds take pictures of? Morbid death barrels and other containers that people stupid enough to try going over the falls crawled into.

The good news is, a few did survive.

A cable car built in 1916, took us over the Niagara whirlpool.

This Aero Car was upgraded the year we rode on it. I’m not sure if that was before or after we rode on this rickety looking contraption. Recent pictures show that the only changes to the Aero Car has been adding a metal roof.

To hear the roar of the waterfall, we went through a series of tunnels to an observation deck.

Luckily waterproof cameras were invented 52 years ago.

Now there is a barricade that keeps people farther back from the edge of the falls.

The international boundary was placed somewhere over the Horseshoe Falls.

Erosion has caused a dispute over the boundary line, so no need to carry your passport if your boat is going over the falls.

This Flora Clock has been changing it’s face every year since 1950.

Although I’m always wondering where the time went, my mirror shows the changes added to my own face since our honeymoon.

Oh, well- – our life has been a fun trip of memories, with more to come.

How have your favorite vacation places changed over the years?

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