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Visually stroll with us down this colorful brick pathway to the patio of an elegant French-style chateau restaurant. We didn’t have to travel to France for Sunday Brunch with our family.

#La Caille, #swans, #RetirefortheFunofitA summer morning is the perfect time to enjoy blue skies, picturesque mountains in the background, and graceful swans.
#La Caille #brunch #RetirefortheFunofit
Although the restaurant’s patio was filled with guests, our dining area was secluded for a perfect family brunch experience. The gazebo has grapevines intertwined on the metal work to create a natural privacy. We were surrounded by fragrant trees, a water fountain and wandering peacock families.

We didn’t think we were that hungry, but we devoured the warm croissants and appetizers that were served while our food was being made. The boys were kept busy with pictures to color that they turned into cards of birthday wishes for Grandpa Lee.

The children’s menu had the boy’s favorite – French toast with Chantilly cream, bacon and fresh berries. Our waitress offered suggestions on menu choices and the staff was quick to refill our water glasses. The waiter brought our meals at the perfect temperature, while entertaining the children with funny comments. I love trying something different, and the salmon with asparagus omelet was uniquely delicious. You could tell everyone was delighted with their food, when the discussions turned to how much they were enjoying their selections. I’ve included the menu to tease your taste buds.

The grapes in the vineyard weren’t ready for harvesting yet, but the boys noted that the wine cellar certainly wasn’t empty.

After brunch, we leisurely wandered down the walkways and stopped on bridges to enjoy the clear water flowing down from the mountains. The fragrant topiaries add a fantasy setting to the 20 acres of gardens surrounding La Caille, where ducks, geese and peacocks roam freely.

This fairytale setting made our daughter and son-in-law’s wedding so uniquely memorable five years ago. Our Sunday Brunch was a perfect excuse to celebrate their anniversary. One special remembrance was of our grand-daughter making sure she only dropped three flower petals on each step, to lead us to the wedding ceremony.
#La Caille #Restaurant #RetirefortheFunofit
Although we didn’t stay at La Caille until dusk, I couldn’t resist sharing this picture from our daughter’s wedding. I wanted to leave you with this idyllic setting as the final page of our picture-perfect anniversary story. Where is your favorite restaurant?

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Anniversary celebrations with my best friend and husband of 50+ years, become more special as the years go by.
Flaming Cinnamon Drink finished La Caille Flaming Drink Flaming Cinnamon Drink Flaming Drink Flaming Drink Taste Test What better way to make it memorable, than on this patio of a beautiful French restaurant.

The La Caille is in a fantasy garden setting located in Sandy, Utah.  There are graceful swans and peacocks roaming through the floral gardens.

After dinner, we ordered a rather spectacular cocktail.

To make this special drink, you need one very brave drink mixer with a winning smile!

He coated the glass with liquid sugar and added a shot of brandy.

With a flourish, he generously coated the sugared glass with freshly grated cinnamon.

The glass with cinnamon and brandy became quite flammable, luckily his sleeve wasn’t.

Please do not attempt this trick at home or anywhere else, for that matter.

While the glass was still flaming, he added some other liquors to the mixture.

After looking greatly relieved to complete this drink, he now had to repeat this amazing feat again for the second drink.

How were our drinks and dinner?  The meal tasted fantastic and the staff made it even more memorable.

Not surprisingly, we’ve never found anyone that will attempt to replicate this special drink for us again.

It doesn’t matter where you go or what you do in life, it’s who you have beside you that counts.

Happy anniversary my love, we know the best is yet to come.

Please share a comment about your most memorable dinner or anniversary experience, I’m looking forward to hearing about yours too.

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