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SpongeBob Squarepants has always been my grandson’s favorite cartoon character.  So it wasn’t a surprise that he requested this theme for his birthday party.Spongebob Squarebants cake Spongebob birthday cake Spongebob Squarepants eyeball
Two chocolate cakes (his choice) were baked in 9 x 13 inch pans for the head and body.

Fondant used for the white eyes, teeth, red tongue, with blue fondant eye balls give him that smiling hello to the partying kids.

Mini donuts created his shoes and pant tops. Large pretzel rods were covered in fondant for his legs and arms.

To keep my fingers from looking yellowish red for the next week, I wore disposable gloves while mixing the colors into the fondant.

Fruit rollups created the tie & belt on chocolate frosted pants.  Rice Krispie treats shaped the hands and fingers and covered in fondant. Wilton’s food writer pens gave an edible birthday message on the fruit rollups.

Blue jello jigglers held the candles and gummy bears were added for snacking until the cake was cut.

Here’s looking at you grandma!  Half the fun of eating the cake is picking out what part they want to eat.

My inspiration came from the many great ideas shown on this Coolest Birthday Cake website.  I’d love to hear about your cake creations and any questions or suggestions you may have for shaped cakes.

  74 Responses to “Spongebob Squarepants Birthday Cake”

  1. Wow! Great job on this cake! Looks yummy!

  2. Love this! You done a wonderful job on making his cake! I’d love to have the skills you have! You are awesome!

    • Thanks for the kind comment. The cake isn’t professional, but a hug from my SpongeBob lovin’ little birthday guy makes me feel great.

  3. Wow! What a lucky grandson! That’s an awesome cake!

  4. What a great cake, Neva! And what a great Grandmother you are … lucky kids! I can just imagine the delight they had picking which bit to eat first 🙂

  5. You did awesome! My kids would have grandmother envy 🙂
    I’m glad he had such a special day!

    You are very good!

  6. Super cute and creative! In a prior life of mine I used to do event and wedding cakes so I understand how much work it takes!

    • Thanks Patti. In this retired life, I work for grandma hugs, kisses, and appreciative smiles. Love doing things I didn’t have time for in my prior working life.

  7. Super cool…..
    Will first try this if i can get it for adults and also for my nephew..
    He is a monster freak addictd to these spongebobs…

  8. Neat! Loved how you didn’t use cake mix for the whole cake and thought of other unique things to use. I’m not much of a sweet person and when we do need a cake (which only two out of four people here like cakes) I usually purchase one. Wish I was creative.

  9. That cake is fantastic!! My kids don’t really watch this show, but I had the most amazing 3D Lego cake for them last year. I paid a small fortune for it, too.

  10. Grandma did a great job! The cake looks incredible.

  11. Oh…that was a really lovely cake. He must have been very happy with it:)
    You did a very good job with it.

  12. Great job with the cake! I am always so impressed with people who can decorate cakes like that and do it so well! That is adorable!

    • I’m not a pro cake baker and it wasn’t perfect but no one noticed. The birthday boy loved it and that’s what mattered.

  13. Wow! Pretty nice cake! So intricate! Truly a labor of love!! 🙂

  14. My son would love this. I will have to attempt this for his birthday too!

  15. Wow! Really well done! I can only imagine how impressed all the kids were!

  16. While I don’t like Spongebob at all, I have to say that this cake is amazingly well done! How crafty of you to use the large pretzel rods and mini-donuts in the way that you have here!!
    My oldest two are really wanting me to attempt to make them a TARDIS (from Doctor Who) cake, yikes!

    • I’m also amazed that SpongeBob has been popular for so long. Good luck and maybe the link to the cake place will have suggestions.

  17. i am not sure i would want to eat that.. lol what a great job and to be raised up like that..

  18. I love the cake! It’s just like Sponge Bob. And what a boy thing to do to save the eye for the last and show it around, lol

  19. Wow such a wonderful cake !!! Kids are lucky to have a Grandma like you.. I am glad he had a great Day!!!
    you are awesome 🙂

  20. Wow! You are so talented! I bet he was excited to see his cake!

  21. WOW! This looks totally professional- what an excellent job! I love your idea about the mini donuts (and truth be told, using the gloves too to avoid stained fingers.) good thinking!

    • Thanks for your sweet compliments. It was fun making the cake and getting hugs and kisses from grandkids are the best thanks ever.

  22. What a great job!! I can’t believe you did it yourself! It looks professional!!! I think its the perfect cake for a preteen boy!!

  23. Your grandson is one lucky kid! The cake looks great! Amazing job!

  24. Very cool. My daughter would go nuts. She is obsessed.

  25. I’m a recent empty nester and everyone tells me how great it is to a grandparent. Your pictures look like a lot of fun but I’m hoping to wait a few more years.

    • The empty nester transition is wonderful and very sad. Look out though, sometimes the birds come back to the nest again.

  26. awww.. you did a great job on that cake. I wouldn’t have thought to use the donuts in the way you did! I have never made a fancy cake like that, but maybe one day. Cake and cookie decorating is one craft that I fail so hard at. I hate when I can’t get something done. It just makes me want to learn it even more!

    • Thanks so much. I can’t take credit for the cake decorating ideas. The Cake website that I linked has a lot of great ideas to use.

  27. I love the way the legs and nose look. This is just the cutest cake ever.

  28. God bless you for sharing this web site http://www.coolest-birthday-cakes.com to a cake addict, I could find many new stuff there. Cakes are weakness in my family and I am gonna make them happy with all new stuff.

    • I’m so glad to have shared this fun website. I found a lot of creative ideas that made making my cakes so much easier. Enjoy!!!

  29. Awesome job! I made a spongebob cake when my daughter turned 3!

  30. Great job! The cake looks amazing & looks like your grandson loved it 🙂

  31. You did an amazing job Neva. The cake is a great remake of SpongeBob.
    It looks pretty professional to me and the drawing is spot on… 🙂

    • Thanks so much for your kind words. I enjoy making special cakes to make my grandkids feel special. The hugs n’ kisses are well worth making theme cakes.

  32. Wow, that is some cake! I bet your grandson just loved it. I do not have baking skills so my Grandson has to do with a store bought one but this cake is inspiring. He turns 3 in April so if I start practicing now, I may be able to make him something. Probably not as nice as this, even with practice but it is the love that counts.

    • You’re absolutely right, it’s the love that counts. Your son will remember the times when you did something special just for him and the simple things are the most special.

  33. what a great job with the cake! xo, jess @ dreamingofleaving.com

  34. This is a fun ideal, you did a good job, next time a birthday comes along I would like to male this however I believe I need to make a minecraft cake.

    • I hope the mine craft cake will be fun for you to do. Kids know which characters are the best for their birthdays.

  35. This is a fun ideal, next time a birthday comes along I would like this however I do believe I was requested to make a minecraft cake

  36. What a lucky kid to get such a nice Birthday cake!

  37. I love spongebob! cake is so much fun. we are having a ducky cake on sat for my daughter’s 2nd birthday

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