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It’s time for Easter decorating at Camp Grandma with the grandkids. Peeps 7 Family
Peeps 1 familyPeeps 3 familyThey have been learning to skateboard at the park, now that the snow is melting.

This was their chance to create Skateboarding Peeps and other funny bunnies on candy wheels.

I showed them some cute and clever Peep pictures from the Sweet Simple Stuff blog for ideas.  Be sure to visit and enjoy her creative ideas too.

Now the grandkids were on their own, to show how creative they could get with the Peeps, Lifesavers, Starbursts, cookies and candy melts.

They put Peeps on snow shoes, Peeps on a couch, Peeps in cars, as well as skateboards.

They discussed wanting to do something nice for a neighborhood family.

So they chose which ones they wanted to put in their Easter baskets.

Then off they went to share the rest of the Peep creations with a local family.

They were thrilled and thought these were the best Easter treats ever.

It was heartwarming to know that Camp Grandma brought some smiles to another family as well.

For your Peep Easter treats, start with some Candy Melts for the frosting glue.  Then add some frosting to the Life Saver Wheels and Nutter Butter cookies.  Let them dry upside down. Carefully cut wedges from the Starburst candy for carrots and frost/glue a green sparkle candy for the leaves.  Add frosting glue to the Peeps to stick them on the cookies.

SkateBoard and Peeps ingredients

SkateBoard and Peeps ingredients

SkateBoard wheels glued with Candy Melts

SkateBoard wheels glued with Candy Melts

Attach Peeps, Starburst Carrots on SkateBoards

Attach Peeps, Starburst Carrots on Skate Boards





Peeps 6 FamilyPeeps 9 Family








Sending Easter Holiday wishes from Camp Grandma.
Please share how you’re enjoying this holiday time, I love getting new ideas from you.

  22 Responses to “Skateboarding Peeps with Camp Grandma”

  1. Very cute skateboarding cookies for Easter! Those Nutter Butter cookies are perfect for so many cute ideas. For Christmas I made reindeer and Santa’s out of them.

    • The grandkids had a finger licking good time making them. As you can see by the photos, they enjoy Camp Grandma when it involves candy.

  2. Camp Grandma – what a great idea! And those skateboarding peeps are too cute – I’ll have to tuck this one away for next year. Thanks for sharing with us Neva

  3. I am so happy that the kiddos had such a good time! They did a fantastic job too 🙂

    Love the pic on your header … we just returned from taking a train to the Grand Canyon … amazing! Thank you for linking back to my blog!

    • You are very creative in making the skateboarding peeps. I even tried and couldn’t do as perfect a job as you did.

  4. I’m so sad I didn’t see this earlier! Maybe there are still peeps left at Target on clearance…P would love this (and so would I ).

    • We need to find a way to use the peeps for other ideas, like Mothers Day. I would’ve loved seeing P make and eat some of these too.

  5. These are too cute. I’ve never seen skateboarding peeps before. 🙂 My own kids would enjoy doing something like this. Thanks for sharing.

    • I love to do creative ideas with the grandkids. They are so open to new ideas and ways to be more creative with the food.

  6. Those are so cute. I would have a hard time making those in my house. My kiddos love peeps and nutter butter cookies.

    • My grandkids also found the need to sample a few as well. It’s ratio is one for the skateboard and one for the tummy.

  7. wow, what an awesome grandma. I so wish my kids could experience this. I wish they had rent a grand parent.

    • Perhaps you should start a Rent a Grandparent company. I think there are lots of grandparents looking to rent a grandkid too.

  8. This is so cute. I’ll have to try it with my kids.

    • I’m sure your kids will love the project as much as my grandkids did. They can find different ways to put them together too.

  9. This project is so cute!!! My son isn’t quite old enough to enjoy projects like these fully, if I did this it would be more for my benefit! But I am so, so, so looking forward to him reaching an age where we can do these types of projects together! I loved this stuff myself as a kid.

    • I guess you’ll have to stock up on all the crafts that you will do with your son. For now, go ahead and do the peeps for yourself.

  10. What a super cute idea!

    • I just knew I had to create these with the grandkids when I saw it. I’m glad there are others who figure out these ideas, since I’m not that clever.

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