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Robert Redford offered to jump out of a cake, since the Sundance Film Festival is celebrating its 30th anniversary. He claims his idea was shot down.  Too bad!  Although I’m trying not to visualize his 77 year old body popping out of a cake in frosted attire.

The festival began as a low profile venue for small-budget, independent creators from outside the Hollywood system. Sadly, it’s evolved into a media extravaganza for Hollywood celebrity actors and paparazzi.  Luxury lounges are now set up by corporate sponsors affiliated with Sundance.
Sundance Film Festival downtown 2014

The first Utah/US Film Festival featured classic films such as Deliverance, A Streetcar Named Desire, and Midnight Cowboy. The festival struggled through its first years. Robert Redford lent his name to make the event successful, and thus it became the Sundance Film Festival.
Sundance Film Festival Theater 2014
Robert Redford conducted the annual opening day press conference at the Egyptian Theatre. Fifteen theatres throughout Park City, Salt Lake City and Ogden show the films chosen for this event.

Sundance Film Festival Swag 2014Sundance Film Festival Swag items 2014




Merchandise with the 2014 logo appeared to be in abundance at the stores.

Sundance Film Festival Movie Bills 2014
All advertising flyers must be tacked onto these boards. Tickets to the films were similar in cost to your local cinema, but now at $20 are still difficult to get.  Standing outside in a “wait list” line has become the bone chilling norm.

Sundance Film Festival Camera Girl 2014
The word “Park” is non-existent in Park City, since the mining town was built with narrow streets.  A shuttle bus took care of bringing us downtown to join the gawkers.

We were hoping someone famous would be in front of this camera.  Maybe she was waiting to film an accident?

Sundance Film Festival Boots 2014
The Sundance Festival dress code is sometimes called “mountain chic,” which basically means warm and casual.

When there aren’t famous people on the Park City streets to gawk at, what else is there to do?

Window shopping works for me! Especially, when there are too many people inside the stores.

Sadly, times have changed from a restaurant full of movie stars, to their requiring secluded privacy for their safety.

Got any good stories about gawking at famous people?

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  29 Responses to “Robert Redford “In” a Cake at the Sundance Film Festival”

  1. The Horse Whisperer – Robert Redford in chaps. Need I say more?

    • Are you suggesting he should be wearing chaps to jump out of the anniversary cake? That would be funny!

      • I’m just suggesting Robert Redford in chaps is fabulous at any time or place. ;o)

        • Robert Redford has done great things for the movie makers that are trying to break into the big time. His Sundance resort is gorgeous and also a fun place to visit. But that’s another story.

  2. Wow! Cool that you could go. Was it your first time at Sundance?

    • We live within a half hour of Park City. We enjoyed being a part of the film festival when tickets were available. Now it’s so difficult for locals to get tickets, we just go for the ambience of the festival.

  3. Love the boots, don’t think I could pull that look off though, I have been in love with Robert Redford since I can remember, unashamedly so. Thanks for the photos it is so nice to see another part of your world. xxx Rae

    • I love the boots too. There’s an inside joke that Robert Redford is hiding from me. But that’s another story that I’ll share soon.

      • I’d be right behind you chasing him no matter what his age is, I am shameless really xxx

        • He hasn’t aged very gracefully, but then he’s 77 years old. Actually, I’d like to win the recent contest to have a date with George Clooney. How about it Rae? George or Robert.

          • Oh that’s a hard one, I close my eyes and can hear them both whispering in my ear. Well in my dreams anyway. xxx

          • In my dreams, they would have to be in character. “Here’s lookin’ at you babe” would be a good line, don’t you think. I guess I should think of a more recent movie line that would be great in my dreams.

  4. I didn’t know that you can watch Sundance movies in Salt Lake City — not that I live anywhere near there either. Sundance always looks so fun when I see it in the magazines. I think that I’d love to see how Mountain Chic looks on me, especially those cool boots. I’m afraid that I seem to be more naturally “comfy” than “chic” style-wise.

    • Mountain Chic isn’t me either. I’m also the comfy kind of gal. The Sundance mystic is so fun that my daughter and I just had to walk and gawk for an afternoon.

  5. Although a big fan of Robert Redford’s, I’m glad he did not jump out of a cake, in chaps or not. But I would love to go to the film festival one of these days for the excitement as well as being in such a beautiful location.

    • I guess it was a tongue-in-cheek remark. If you ever make it to Salt Lake City, my husband and I would be thrilled to be your tour guides to all the beautiful areas in this neck of the woods.

  6. Robert Redford always made me weak at the knees…….mmmmm 🙂 I haven’t seen a photo of him lately. I’ll to have a look to see hows he’s looking at 77. Hard to believe he is that age!

    • Ah, yes. Robert Redman and Paul Newman and all those dreamy blue eyes.

      You might rather see his latest movie, All is Lost. He is the only one in the entire movie trying to survive on a boat. This is quite an accomplishment at his advanced age of 77.

  7. Oooh love those boots! And I love the concept of mountain chic too. Looking at the snow hugging the grass behind the streets made me want to rush for some colourful, bum covering warm winter woollies , and tuck some skinny jeans into those boots – would that measure up at the Sundance Festival, do you think? lol! Robert Redford jumping out of a cake? Yes please! But as you and Rae have been having a conversation about George Clooney as well, then I think I’ll go George Clooney please!!!

    • You could add that image to your “what to wear” posts and be a hit with your readers. George is the date of choice for all of us. It would be worth the trip to have that date at Lake Como. I’m very curious as to what his home must look like in that beautiful setting.

  8. I’d love to get to Sundance. I’m a bit jealous.

    • We live too close not to go for the experience of just being there. It’s a great town with so much going on all year round.

  9. It looks like a fun occasion to visit, I love film festivals – hope can link up with us today for Travel Photo Mondays, the link is live for the whole week!

    • Park City if fun to visit and with the Film Festival going on this past week, it’s an event not to miss since we live so close.

  10. Thanks for giving us the scoop on this great event!

    • You’re very welcome. We’re fortunate to live close to Park City and we spend some a lot of time there, enjoying all the events and activities.

  11. Beautiful boots…

  12. Thanks for posting these photos of the Sundance Festival — I’ve always wondered what it looked like! And I admit I’m one of the Robert Redford swooners. I refuse to see the new ‘The Great Gatsby’ because for me there is only ONE Gatsby.

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