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My grandson loves to play Pokémon and requested this theme for his birthday cake.

Pokémon Black and White Versions- Isshu Region Pokémon (complete)

He agreed to narrow down the choices of his favorite characters to three for his cake.

After researching more about Pokémon, I found that some of the main images in the game are water, leaf, and fire.

Fortunately, these symbols were easy to make out of fondant.

Pokemon birthday cake

For the two chocolate cakes, I used a 9 x 13 inch pan.  Then half of the second batter was poured into a small metal bowl and the rest poured into a round cake pan.  The large cake was cut in half to make two rectangle shaped pieces.  The round cake was trimmed for the middle section.  Now the round bowl piece was set in the center of the three sections for the Poké Ball.

I love the Savory Sweet Life blog’s Buttercream Frosting recipe and one thin layer was spread on the cake shapes.  The cake was then put in the freezer, while I made the fondant.

Rice Krispie treats work great for molding the character shapes.  Since fondant is expensive and can sometimes be hard as a rock, I found the perfect recipe.  Marshmallow Fondant is great to work with and the How She Does It website gives a detailed step by step tutorial for a “no-fail’ recipe.Pokemon Cake 1

His friends are all Pokémon lovers and they enjoyed choosing which parts of the cake they wanted to eat.

Was it a labor of love?  Absolutely.

But this grandma works for hugs and birthday boy smiles.

What is the most unusual birthday cake you’ve ever seen?

  41 Responses to “When Pokémon and Birthday Cakes Collide”

  1. So awesome! My husband would love this cake 😛 he is a huge Pokemon fan! You did an amazing job!! That buttercream recipe you used actually seems pretty good. I have never been good with buttercream but I would like to try this one out. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • The buttercream was easy to make and really spread easily. I’ve tried many frostings and this was one of the tastiest so far.

  2. That’s too cute. I love character cakes. They’re always just so darn adorable.

  3. What a wonderful cake. I think that is so great that he was able to find the perfect characters for him and that you took the time to make him such a special cake. I know it was a very special day for him.

  4. Beautiful cakes. Your grandson is so lucky to have a grandmother who makes his birthday so special!

    • Thanks for the nice compliment, Alice. Coming from a professional baker like yourself, I really appreciate your message.

  5. What an awesome grandma you are!!! This cake came out great- and the party looked fun from the picture!

  6. I have never personally seen a truly “unusual” cake..but I have seen plenty of “creative ones! haha! Great job on the pokeman birthday cake… 🙂

  7. Great job! My oldest hasn’t gotten into Pokemon yet, but I know it’s just a matter of time!!

    • Some of the grandkids like Pokémon and some like minecraft. Then there is Legos. I have to research the internet to know what these games are all about.

  8. This is one of those cakes he’ll remember forever, I’m sure. My mom took pictures of all our birthday cakes growing up and I love going back through photos and reminiscing (even though most of them were store bought because mom and grandma are nowhere near as talented as you!).

    • I don’t consider myself talented enough that I could ever do cakes as a business. But then I work for grandkid hugs and kisses.

  9. What a cute cake! When my husband and I were looking at wedding cakes a few years ago, one 3-tiered Mario birthday cake kept popping up in my Google search. It was so cool, but definitely a bit over the top. Thanks for sharing!

    • A Mario birthday cake would be very memorable and the most unusual. It’s fun seeing cakes on Coolest Birthday Cakes for new ideas.

  10. Are you ready to have this post pinned over and over and over again? I posted a Pokemon goody bag post over two years ago and it’s still my number one pin…EVERY DAY. I had no idea Pokemon was still so popular!

    My son loved your Minecraft cake and when I showed him this one he said, “Please pay her to make my birthday cake!” The highest of compliments! This year I made a mustache cake to go with his birthday theme and he loved that, too.

  11. What a fun. cute and beautiful cake!!
    I just love it 🙂
    I think I should show it to my nephews hehehe

  12. That cake is legit! Looks great! I bet it was tasty too! 🙂

  13. Such a great idea for a little boy’s birthday!

  14. This came out so well! Good job on the cake. I’m sure he loved it 🙂

  15. You are making me feel retroactively inadequate. When our sons were still young enough to be having kids’ birthday parties with their friends, I was working more than full time such that all I could manage was to “provide” birthday cakes. If we are blessed with grandchildren, maybe I’ll give baking a try — after I look up “fondant” 😉

    • When I was a working mom, I wasn’t able to spend the time needed on birthday cakes either. Now you know what you have to look forward to when you become a grandmom too.

  16. You are an awesome grandma. First there was that great Minecraft cake and now a Pokemon cake. You would be very popular in my household. My younger son loves Pokemon. When we moved to Malaysia, it was a way for him to instantly make friends with other Pokemon lovers.

    • The kids are growing up so fast and I’m glad that Pokémon is a way for the kids to interact with other game lovers.

  17. Your grandson is one lucky guy! Happy Birthday~

  18. Wow! What a fabulous cake! Not only does it look terrific, it was made with such love and care. What a lucky Grandson you have.

    • Thanks, Catherine. The cakes aren’t professional perfect, but the kids love the special look of their very own, one-of-a-kind cake.

  19. These cakes are amazing! Even if they aren’t professional perfect, I still guarantee all of his friends are jealous! Your sponge bob cake was really cute too. I am so scared of cake decorating. I think I could do decently enough at it one day , but I tried to make a decorated layer cake (only 2 layers!) and the layers wouldn’t stay put .. . I haven’t tried again since.

    • Thanks for the nice compliment. I guess I’ve gotten braver for trying to decorate cakes. I’m also learning tricks to cover up the less perfect frosting.

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