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It may be called “Oktoberfest,” but this 200 year old celebration always starts before October in Utah since beer and snowy weather just aren’t a party mix.
Oktoberfest #RetireForTheFunOfIt

Oktoberfest has inspired imitation around the world of what began as a wedding celebration in Munich, Bavaria, on October 12th, 1810.
SnowBird Alphorn Oktoberfest

Our weather in Utah can be very unpredictable, so we begin Oktoberfest in late August. To hold true to tradition, the festival held since 1973 ends on the first weekend of October.
SnowBird Oktoberfest Tram

At the Snowbird Ski Resort, you can hear the Alphorns echoing from the top of the mountain. Or ride with them on the tram and watch the Salzburg Echo Polka Band “on top of the world.”
SnowBird Alphorns Oktoberfest

SnowBird Ski Resort’s Oktoberfest draws over 60,000 people and this year’s festival was almost cancelled, rather than be a beer-free event. The state liquor board caused quite an uproar when they decided that alcohol licenses were meant for non-profit, charitable events, and not for attractions aimed at turning a profit.

In case you live under a rock, you may not be aware of Utah’s unique liquor laws.  Supporters vigorously insisted that the festival isn’t just about beer, but celebrates food, folk dancing and many other family activities. The board backed down and allowed the alcohol license by declaring the festival “a valuable community event.”

Our grandkids get to try the alpine slide, mountain flyer, and rope course, while we shop in Der Marktplatz and watch yo-yo man do his tricks. Then we finish the day eating some authentic Bavarian bratwurst, sauerkraut and apple strudel.

SnowBird Oktoberfest Song
The beer keg was ceremoniously tapped and the Oktoberfest tradition lives on for another year.

View From Top of the World #RetireForTheFunOfit

Our grandsons are enjoying the view from Hidden Peak above the Snowbird Ski Resort. That’s Salt Lake City in the background and in winter, our little downhill skiers have only a ten minute ride to one of the world class ski resorts.   Can you tell why we love living here?

  46 Responses to “Oktoberfest is a No Snow Party Mix”

  1. This looks like a lot of fun! I’ve visited Germany during Octoberfest and what a treat it must be to get a taste of it here in the states.

  2. the pictures are so beautiful! thank you for sharing.

  3. I’d love to hear those alphorns. It sounds as if Utah’s Oktoberfest is a well-rounded activity. Sounds like fun.

    • We love hearing the alphorns echoing off the mountains and the lederhosen is something I’d like to buy for the grandkids. There really is something for everyone to enjoy or ride.

  4. While on our visit there for Lisa and Jared’s wedding, you took us to Octoberfest! I remember it was 90 degrees and up at Octoberfest in the 70’s! Enjoyed it very much!

    • This is a great way to escape the heat by heading up the mountain for some Oktoberfest food and beer. We’re so glad you came along for this festival.

  5. This looks like so much fun and a great event for the family. I live in a small town and I know how important these community events are 🙂 I’m glad your family is able to enjoy Oktoberfest

    • Small towns have fun festivals too and we enjoy Swiss days at a town called Midway. Arts and crafts are handmade and so fun to buy for gifts.

  6. That’s a lot of months of beer drinking:-) Just saying!

    • The ski resort is a beautiful place to visit and a beer always goes good with German food. We found those pints to be quite thirst quenching.

  7. This sounds like big-time fun! I will be attending an Oktoberfest in Sierra City, in Northern California, in October. Here are my postings about a grand time enjoyed at the original Oktboerfest,

    • We would love to go to the “original” in Munich some time. My hubby doesn’t like hats, but I just love those cute hats with the big brushes and many pins attached. We’ll be heading to San Jose in October and will have to check out the fall festivals while there.

  8. Some beautiful shots! I can’t believe I’ve lived in Utah for so long and I’ve never been. This time of year is incredible up there, a little cold maybe, but beautiful nonetheless.

    • Utah has so many great events going on weekly and being party animals, we try to get to as many as possible. The colors are starting to change, starting with the Maple trees so we welcome the cooler weather after a very hot summer.

  9. I didn’t know Utah was around 200 years ago- surprising!

  10. looks like a great festival. I live in WI, so beer is at everything we do.

    • That’s a funny comment and being from Wisconsin too, cheese is at all the festivals too. Hope you get to visit Utah’s Oktoberfest sometime.

  11. How fun!
    Your grandkids must have LOVED this)))!! xx

  12. Looks like a lot of fun, with more to do than just drink beer! You’ve taught me something today (as you generally do) because I didn’t know that it started out in Germany as a wedding celebration. When I looked in the distance for Salt Lake City I thought of Donny and Marie Osmond – my idols when I was about 15!

    • Donny and Marie Osmond will always be our favorite hometown and wholesome entertainers. We were fortunate to see the Osmond family entertain in a small venue and shake their hands, just one of the perks of living in Utah.

  13. Octoberfest in Utah looks like so much fun, and what a beautiful setting. Your grandchildren must love visiting you. I want to try that alpine slide!

  14. I’ve never been to an Oktoberfest before. It looks like a lot of fun 🙂

    • I hope you will be able to find this fun fall festival in your area too. It’s always fun to learn about German food, music and family fun events.

    • We enjoy the many ethnic celebrations and especially all the food from different cultures. The kids are growing up to learn about why America is a melting pot of all the different celebrations from various countries.

    • Yes, the area is lovely in the fall and we enjoy the cooler breezes after a hot summer. Interesting how Oktoberfest is celebrated all over the world and not just by the German folks.

  15. Zum wohl! (To your health) Great photos, Neva. Love that bratwurst and even though I’m from northwestern Germany am very familiar with Oktoberfest. Sounds like your liquor laws are even more conservative than ours in Ontario, Canada.

    • Thanks for the Zum Wol! (and to your health too). The liquor laws have been in place during and since prohibition. Like prohibition, it never works as intended but the bratwurst and German foods are always a treat.

  16. Wonderful photos! I have never visited Germany or have ever attended an oktoberfest! Looks like such a great festivity and lots of fun for all ages.

    • Oktoberfest is a celebration of fall as well as an event to enjoy with the family. I love seeing the changing of colors as we drive up to the mountains and hearing the sounds of the alphorns echoing in the breezes.

  17. you got some great photos here… how fun! and thanks for sharing…

    • We enjoy traveling up to SnowBird in the fall and the mountains are starting to change their colors now. I hope you have a chance to come to Utah and visit this area too.

  18. The view in that last picture! OH MY! I would not mind that amazing view! 😀

    • We moved to Utah 12 years ago and are amazed by the views of and on the mountains. Our family is fortunate to be able to enjoy all the cultural and hometown events going on weekly.

  19. I lived in Utah for almost 10 years and never got a chance to do the Alpine Slide. Next time we visit we will have to make a special trip because that looks so fun!

    • There is an even better Alpine Slide in Park City because they have more tree lined terrain to work with. Although riding the tram in summer is a special treat too.

  20. Those mountains at Hidden Peak… those mountains!

  21. YES! I can certainly see why you love living there. What a party! And, all that beautiful scenery to boot. I was interested in hearing how the authorities backed down and the liquor licence was approved. Persistence can pay off. Well done.

    • We love the mild seasons and try to get to as many of the events in the area as possible. We’re fortunate to live near our kids, even though we had to move from Wisconsin to do it.

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