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A mother’s undying love lives on through future generations.
Mother photo 1943 Journal Entry - Mother Hovercraft with Mother
My mother is holding me while surrounded by my loving dad, sister and grandfather. 

Naturally I don’t remember that day, but I’ll always remember the love she generously gave me and everyone else.

As an only child, she was “over protected” from ever learning how to ride a bicycle, roller skate or even whistle.

She instilled in me her passion for learning how to create things, rather than buy a cheaply made version.

Now as a grandmother, her influencing love for creativity lives on through me to the great-grandchildren she never met.

A school assignment for my grandchildren was to write stories in their journals.

My daughter shared my grandson’s journal entry on the subject, “Tell about an interesting person you have met.”

Nate wrote, “The interesting person I have met is my grama.  She makes cool things like hovercrafts.  The best thing I think she made is the hovercraft.”

The drawing shows a smiling Nate with a hovercraft, we made at Camp Grandma.

A used CD is super glued to the top portion of a plastic bottle.  After blowing up the balloon, it is attached to the bottle’s stopper.

The air from the balloon makes the hovercraft float across the table.

What cool crafts will your kids  remember creating with you?

  37 Responses to “A Mother’s Undying Love Lives On”

  1. Thanks for sharing this beautiful story! I love looking at old pics.

    • How sweet of you that you appreciate my thoughts, memories and photos. I also love looking at photos and imagining what they were thinking about at the time.

  2. While cleaning out the garage recently, I had not taken any nostalgic moments, no bittersweet pauses, no side-trips down memory lane, until I came upon a couple of rain-sticks. They were a little banged up from being stored and moved but they still worked. I turned one upside down and smiled as tears welled in my eyes at the sound of the rice tumbling though the maze of nails in the cardboard tube. It was covered with contact paper and made 12 years ago with my two oldest children while our third grew in my tummy, sweet days and irreplaceable memories.
    Thanks for your story and letting me tell mine.

    • What a wonderful sweet story and I’m glad you shared it with me. Those rain-sticks sound like a fun thing to make with the grandkids.

  3. WOW! lovely nostalgic pics! And the hovercraft….uuhh its cool! i feel like trying it for myself 🙂

    • Yes, it’s especially nostalgic with Mother’s day coming up. The kids got a kick out of the hovercraft too.

  4. Beautiful article 🙂

  5. Lovely tribute to your mother, Neva. I think it’s great how she encouraged creativity in you, and how you are now doing that with your grandchildren. What a wonderful thing to pass down!

    • Thanks for your kind comment, Doreen. I see myself interacting with my family like she did so many years ago.

  6. Great generational memories! Wish I’d had a Camp Grama!

    • This is my chance to write down memories of my mom. Now my family won’t forget her, even that she never learned to whistle.

  7. So sweet, you must be an amazing grandmother doing crafts like this 🙂

  8. I never knew my grandmother(s) so I don’t have a store of those memories, but I am looking forward to making memories with my grandchild(ren) when they come along. It’s lovely that you have these special memories of your mother, thanks for sharing.

    • I’m so glad that you can relate to the memories you will someday make with your grandkids. Sharing these memories were a delight and I’m glad you enjoyed them.

  9. I always love how the kids choose to describe us parents and grandparents. It’s always so adorable!

  10. That photo is beautiful and priceless. That hovercraft is super cool! My daughter and I made many scrapbooks together when she was younger.

    • The kids giggled when they played with the hovercraft. I’m sure your daughter still loves her memories of when you made scrapbooks with her.

  11. Thanks for sharing this sentimental journey! Hope you and your family had a nice Mother’s Day!

  12. what a sweet story Neva, i loved it, must have been fun to see this journal.

    • Yes, seeing the journal entry really made my day. I just had to do a story about it.

    • It was a surprise that he wrote this in his journal. I was blown away that this moment came to mind for a special time in his life.

  13. Thanks for sharing this sentimental journey, Neva! Hope you and your family had a wonderful Mother’s Day!

    Best, Irene

    • I wish you the same wonderful Mother’s day everyday. If it wasn’t written down in a story, it would be lost and forgotten.

  14. Thanks for sharing. Our little grandson is the love of our lives as well!!

  15. That is so sweet that you start with your own mother and end with your grandson. I wonder if the other kids in your grandson’s class wish they had a grama that makes hovercrafts. If I was a youngster, I’d picture one big enough to ride in. One of the hardest parts about expat life is that the kids only get to see their grandparents over Skype instead of in person. We used to live only 3 hours away, and they were a highly involved in our lives.

    • Hopefully making a hovercraft will open up adventures for when the grandkids are adults. I’m skyping with two grandsons and only see them twice a year.

  16. Your hovercraft pretty much tops everything! We crave sharing with grandchildren, don’t we? To date, I am building lots of castles with blocks and sand. I am absolutely certain I will carry on teaching in the kitchen, as my mom and Granny did.

    • I agree that we have so much to share and teach. Keep up the great work cause it’s all about spending time with the little ones.

  17. Such a nice remembrance of your mother and, you are a cool grandma — a hover craft!!

  18. I love the old picture. How sweet of your grandson to write about. It sounds like you are a cool grandma!

    • Aren’t old pictures just the most precious thing to enjoy. I was blown away by his journal entry and very humble too.

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