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Join us for a travel back in time to Michigan’s Mackinaw City and the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island.  How far back?
Mackinac-park 1 Mackinac-Bridge-sign Mackinac-Ferry-To-Island Mackinac-Island-Grand-Hotel-
Mackinac Bridge These cars and my hairstyle should help with your guess (stop snickering).

As you can see, I’m walking past some 1950’s cars in the Mackinaw City Park.

I’m sure you’re wondering, like I was, about the different spellings for the same island and city name.

First of all, the shape of the island resembles a Great Turtle and the Indians gave it the name Michilimackinac.

Around the 1820’s it was shortened to Mackinac, but pronounced Mackinaw.

The founders of Mackinaw City changed the spelling to reflect the phonetic “aw” sound.  They felt the postal carriers would be less likely to confuse Mackinac Island with Mackinaw City, if they weren’t spelled the same.

Speaking of old cars, a summer cottager decided to bring his Locomobile to Mackinac Island.

While driving in Mackinac Island State Park, he frightened and hurt several horses and wrecked some carriages.

This prompted the State Park Commission in 1900, to outlaw automobiles.  Travel on Mackinac Island has been by foot, bicycle, or horse and carriage ever since.

I’d love wearing those sunglasses again, but wouldn’t want to lug a camera around with a roll of film and flash bulbs.

The scenic ferry trip is the only way to travel to the island, other than by plane.

The Grand Hotel opened in 1887 and has had five U.S. Presidents as guests.

We walked on the 600 foot front porch and enjoyed its namesake of “flirtation walk,” since we weren’t married yet.

The five mile “Big Mac” is the longest suspension bridge in the Americas.
On my bucket list, is being one of the lucky people allowed each year to climb up the bridge’s 552 foot tower.

There’s an elevator most of the way and then cubby holes and a ladder to finally reach the top of the south tower, as shown in this article.
What’s on your bucket list?

  39 Responses to “Let’s travel back in time to the Grand Hotel”

  1. It’s so close (relatively) and I’ve never been! Your post makes me want to go even more. It looks like the perfect field trip.
    I love the sunglasses!

  2. I love the old pictures. I have always wanted to visit Mackinac Island. One of these days!

    • I love old pictures and now you know how old I am. From the recent pictures, I’m so glad that it hasn’t changed too much.

  3. We’ve been to Mackinac Island several times and loved each time! Great pictures Neva! The last time we were there with friends Chuck and Georgia Ramsay. They both come from that neck of the woods, so Chuck knew of a quaint little museum in Cheboygan. We camped at Cheboygan, MI, right off the bridge and there is a little pizza place in town with all kinds of old memorabilia and facts of the building of the bridge. We were pleasantly surprised upstairs is a mini museum and you can watch an old film of the building of the bridge also! Wish I could remember the name of the pizza place, but I’m sure people there could steer anyone that was interested in the right direction.

    • It sounds like you had a great time at Mackinac Island. I don’t think we’ve ever stopped in Cheboygan, but it’s on our list too.

  4. I grew up in Michigan. Mackinac is a school field trip. And it’s where my hubby proposed right in front of the fort and where we went as a family the year I ran across the bridge on Labor Day. Love Mackinac.

    • I love that the area hasn’t changed very much and still a worthwhile re-visit. Wouldn’t it be amazing to climb up into the bridge tower?

  5. I’ve never heard of the Mackinac Island. Your pics are lovely. It would certainly be a place I’d love to visit. Must be it on my bucket list. Thanks so much for such a beautiful article.

  6. I don’t think I could climb up the towers on the bridge. You are so brave to have that on your bucket list. I’ve always wanted to visit the Grand Hotel ever since it was featured in a novel I read as a teen. Then that Somewhere in Time movie came out which really made me want to go there. I still haven’t been, so you could say that getting to Mackinac Island is on my bucket list.

    • The area is a beautiful place to visit often. It’s been a long time since we were there and now we want to take our children and grandchildren back too.

  7. Love the look! You were stylin. I first became aware of the Grand Hotel when I saw the movie, “Somewhere in Time ” with Jane Seymour and Christopher Reeve and ever since then I’ve wanted to visit. The hotel has a package weekend/rate with screenings of the film for it’s fans. Did you ever see the movie?

  8. I saw a movie years ago that was filmed there and I have wanted to go ever since. It seems so charming! I will add that to the list! Goodness that list is getting longer and longer! Thank you and those sunglasses ROCK!

    • Thanks, Suzanne for enjoying my fashion statement. I have to get that movie again cause I just love Christopher Reeves.

  9. Mackinac Island sounds like a great place to visit. However, I have no desire to climb the bridge tower and am not sure I’d use the term “lucky” to describe those selected. But I hope you get the chance to cross that off your bucket list

    • It’s a beautiful place that hasn’t changed very much and that’s what’s cool about going back. As far as my bucket list, I’m an adrenalin junkie and would really enjoy this unique experience.

  10. This is especially timely because I just finished a novel that takes place in the same area. Would love to visit here, and climbing that bridge sounds awesome!

    • I’m glad you could relate to the pictures. This place hasn’t changed from what pictures I saw when I was researching the story.

  11. I’d heard of Mackinac Island but never knew exactly where it was before. I love those old photos! I need to find some of mine and get them digitized! Fiji is on my bucket list – I’m going to make it happen within the next 12 months!

    • I also love not only digitizing the photos, but now I can add stories to the pictures. Our grandkids will be able to see and read about our adventures.

  12. Did you see this article? I think you should comment with a link to your article. When I do those things I get a lot more viewers. http://www.travelandleisure.com/travel-blog/carry-on/topic/news/daily-transporter-mackinac-island

  13. Looks like you had a great time. I’ve heard of Mackinac Island, but just realized I’ve never been to Michigan. Visiting all 50 states is on my bucket list and this sounds like a good plan when I finally make it to Michigan 🙂

    • It’s so much fun to look back and enjoy a trip from the 1950’s. Traveling to all 50 states is a good bucket list plan.

  14. I’ve wanted to go to Mackinaw for years. They run commercials for Michigan on our local TV station and that’s in it and it gets me every time. The Grand Hotel is where I’d want to stay. I love Victorian Hotels!

    • The area is such a picturesque place to enjoy. Staying at the Grand Hotel and watching the movie about the hotel would be fun.

  15. I’ve never been to Mackinaw, but it looks like a great place, even in flashback. For some reason, I have an overwhelming urge to go just to photograph myself with the a similar pair of those fantastic sunglasses and send it to you!

    • I wish I still had those sunglasses, but I think they’re findable somewhere. Wouldn’t that be a hoot to see your photo with those glasses.

  16. How priceless that you have these old photos to revisit a place with so many memories~

    • Fortunately my husband was able to capture the photos before they had totally disintegrated. Now our memories have stories attached and these are our memoirs.

  17. Every hotel should have a 600 foot porch or “flirtation walk” What a lovely concept and a throwback to a gentler age!

    • I agree that a gentler age is so missed. I can’t wait to walk on that porch with my kids and grandkids again.

  18. Your sunglasses were great! This would be a wonderful island to chill on for a day or a week. Climbing up that bridge…until you mentioned ladder I thought maybe. Don’t do ladders!

    • You made by day with a laugh about my glasses and ladders. I would agree that the ladder has to be sturdy.

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