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What does Liverpool, the Beatles, an Apple Club and Jelly Bellies have in common? Albert Docks, Liverpool #Beatles #Museum

The Beetles and their Apple Club began in Liverpool.  George Harrison said he liked Jelly Bellies.  George was hit in the eye when fans thought the band would be thrilled to get bombarded with them. Beatles Museum Apple Club #Apple Club #Beatles #RetirefortheFunofit

The Beatles Story Museum is down by the Albert Docks waterfront, where Liverpool’s musical heritage started.

My daughter and I may be from two different generations, but we can easily belt out duets of many Beatle tunes. We felt stopping in Liverpool during our recent European adventure, was our chance to “visit The Holy Grail” of the Beatle phenomenon. We were delightedly surprised that when we ate brunch at a local pub, all the music played was by the Beatles.

John Lennon’s half-sister, Julia, narrates her personal memories in our audio tour.  She guides us to the recreated Cavern Club, where the fledgling group played to a smoke filled room of admiring fans.  I guess the screaming and fainting Beatlemania began when they came to America.

A few of the many fascinating things we’d like to share are: Happy childhood memories were the basis for John Lennon to write “Strawberry Fields Forever.”  John and his friends played behind this Salvation Army Orphanage, while the Army Band entertained during the summer garden parties.

Paul McCartney took the first name from an actress and the last name from an alcohol store for the song “Eleanor Rigby.”  What’s weird is that the place where McCartney and Lennon first met is also where a gravestone, bearing this same name, is located.

The museum has many nostalgic items on display that we enjoyed seeing, like George Harrison’s first guitar, their suits and John Lennon’s round glasses.
Beatle Museum Abey Road Crosswalk
This image on Abbey Road is unique and cleverly composed.  I hadn’t noticed the white Beatle VW before.  Interestingly, that license plate was stolen many times and the car became a museum piece.

I’m always shocked at today’s concert prices, considering a front-row ticket to the Beatles first American concert was $12.50.  Who is your favorite singer and what’s the most you ever paid for a concert ticket?

  52 Responses to “Where Jelly Bellies Bombarded the Beatles”

  1. very cool, Neva! As a huge fan of the Beatles, I’m sure I’d enjoy this trip!

    • We didn’t know what to expect and were pleasantly surprised with how the museum was created. There were quite a few other Beatle fans going through the Museum with us.

  2. Aloha – You’re right, Liverpool is Mecca for Beatles fans. Being of a certain age (ahem), I can admit I was devastated when Paul married Linda. I mean, I’m sure she was nice and all. 😉

    • I always loved Paul the most of the Fab Four too. He was true to his image and seemed to be a good match for Linda.

  3. What a fun place that my husband would love. He worships the Beatles as so many people do. I love the story about the jelly bean!

    • We really were impressed with how the museum was constructed. We learned a lot about the British start of the Beatles.

  4. The chorus I belong to is going to be performing an all Beatle repertoire so this was a fun read.

    • I’m glad my post was timely for your chorus performance. The Beatles had a great harmonizing sound. My husband has been a member of a Barbershop Chorus for fifty years now and always loved their songs.

  5. This is absolutely awesome that you were able to visit this, Neva! Some really ironic, wonderful timing of your post too. One, I just recently watched “The Beatles” that was a part of the CNN The Sixties series and it was of course awesome. I also was having some fun writing a future post on conspiracy theories and the Paul was a big part of the research on that…i.e. the Abbey Road album cover and the very last “sign off” words on Strawberry Fields. I think you and your daughter should do a Vlog and give us some songs live! :)(

    • How fantastic that the timing was spot on for you and then could add my information to your research. I assume you are talking about the very last “sign off” words on Strawberry Fields was Lennon is heard mumbling what sounds like “I buried Pual”. This helped fuel the ‘Paul is Dead’ rumors. John supposedly was actually saying “cranberry sauce.” So what do you think was the correct comment?

  6. You had me on LIVERPOOL))!!
    …since my hubby Is from there.
    Faaaaaaaaaaabulous photos.
    What a kick!
    Thank you for this great post. xx

    • How amazing that since your hubby is from Liverpool, he probably heard of the Carling beer. We were collecting beer glasses and other items since my daughter’s husband is a Carling.

  7. Didn’t know that Jelly Belly trivia- people sure are (for lack of a better word) stupid somethmes.

    • I thought this was a weird trivia and wondered why throwing candy was something people would do. I read that this is going on today at Justin Beeber concerts too.

  8. What a lovely post Neva as it brought back so many memories for me. The photo of the zebra crossing is indeed iconic and so so famous but I never knew about the VW in the picture! I also didn’t know about the lyrics behind Strawberry Fields, a song I particularly like. Ahh I’m sitting here embroiled in childhood nostalgia as I write this comment. Thank you for sharing 🙂

    • We didn’t know what to expect when we visited the museum and came away loving the Beatles even more. Liverpool still loves their hometown boys and promote them anyway they can.

  9. Lovely story…

  10. Sounds like a great visit, especially because you made it with your daughter. Adoration for the Beatles seems to span multiple generations!

    • Our children grew up with hearing the Beatles music playing in our house, so they would remember these songs. Although I’m always singing along with the radio and my husband is a barbershop quartet singer, so music is a part of our lives.

  11. Love the title for this week’s post! For all of us Boomers, the Beatles’ music was in the forefront during our growing up years and is still a huge part of our day to day music playing in the background. I would love to visit this museum; thanks for the tour.

    • Who would think people would throw candy at any entertainer, let alone the Beatles. We were part of the rock n’ roll era and still know all the words to many of their songs.

  12. What a great post! My husband and I are huge Beatles fans! In October we went to Abbey Road Studios just to see the famous site. I don’t know if we will ever get to Liverpool and I so appreciate you taking me there!

    • We wanted to visit the Abbey road Studios, but didn’t have enough time. Liverpool was on the way to Edinburgh and the museum was more interesting than we expected.

  13. Oh, what memories! The Beatles are simply timeless!!

    • Their songs and their personalities are timeless memories. It’s so fun to share these memories with our children as some of the classic songs worth singing along with.

  14. Love the Beatles – if you ever have the opportunity to see “Love” at the Mirage in Las Vegas, do so! It’s worth the price of admission and then some – such a fabulous show – showcasing their greatest hits with Cirque du Soeil.

    • I have yet to meet anyone who doesn’t love the Beatles. So interesting but not surprising that their songs are still song by all generations.

  15. I like the fact that our Millennial sons and we enjoy some of the same music even if it’s now considered “classic”. It looks like you and your daughter packed an amazing amount into your trip!

    • It’s a thrill to have something special in common with our children like the Beatles and their music. We actually had to pare down on the places we wanted to go so we could spend enough time at each site.

  16. Liverpool is definitely on my list of places to visit as I’d love to relive Beatles history much as you did. Great photos and memories!

    • Sounds like we all have an ongoing love for the Beatles. Liverpool is worth spending a day at least to see the highlights of the city. The people are very friendly and we got a kick out of talking to some cronies in a pub where we had brunch.

  17. I agree that ticket prices are ridiculous. We try to take the kids to see their favorite singers but it is so expensive we can only do it every once in a blue moon. $12.50 for a ticket? Nice!

    • I was also blown over by the unbelievable cheap price of that ticket. I loved finding out these little nuggets of interesting history about the Beatles and the Jelly Bellies too.

  18. Thanks for the history lesson! It was fun reading and looking at the pics. I would love to visit.

    • I’m glad you enjoyed coming along on the Beatle history trivia virtual tour. They will always be the classic music Fab Four for even more generations to come.

  19. This post is so timely for me as we just attended the Paul McCartney concert in Missoula MT last night (eeeek)! Hard to believe he’s 72. It was an 8 hour road trip from Calgary but worth it! Our 22 year old daughter came along and loved it too. I’ve never heard the jelly belly story or other trivia from your post. I know we would love this Liverpool museum.

    • I’m also a Paul McCartney fan since he seems to have taken the fame in stride. Wow, 8 hour trip and it sounds like you are still enjoying the experience. It’s wonderful to share a love for a group with your daughter like I did.

  20. What a fun museum to visit. Interesting trivia about the Beatles. I didn’t know many of the facts you included in the post.

    • Now you know that I’m a historical trivia buff and the Beatles have always been my favorite singing group. It’s a well designed museum that was filled with Beatle lovers like my daughter and I.

  21. Looks like a great time, I’ve always loved visiting museums growing up.
    $12.50 for a front row ticket that crazy! I’ve paid $75 for concert tickets, no where near the front row!

    • This museum was even more complete and interesting that we expected. It’s obvious that Liverpool loves their Beatles and we still do too.

  22. It’s been a longtime since I have gone to a museum, and Beatles trivia is great to see and hear always. However something’s in your post I never knew.

    • My daughter and I were surprised to learn these nuggets of historical trivia. The Beatles will always be one of my favorites and glad we could stop for a day there too.

  23. That sounds like such an amazing trip. Love the pictures.

    • This was a wonderful trip with my daughter that we called our European Adventure. I love historical museums and sites and can’t wait to do another trip with my family.

  24. So want to do this! BTW, $12.50 was actually a lot for a concert back then. I can remember paying 7 or 8 bucks back in the 70s. Not for the Beatles of course.

    • Yes, $12.50 was a lot of money in the 60s, although the prices have really skyrocketed for this generation. Paul McCartney’s concert in our area was over $500+ for the front row.

  25. What a great tour, thanks for sharing!

  26. Thank you Neva for this trip down memory lane. One of the last concerts we attended was Harry Jakamarra who performed at a place called the Music Shack, an outdoor, family run venue near Bunbury, Western Australia. I’m inspired to get myself to another live gig!

    • Our favorite group was the Beatles and it’s fun to share these memories with our children. We have a outdoor venue that we love seeing the music groups while eating our meal with some wine.

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