Jan 182014

Grandkids love to help with meals.  These rolls are easy to make, cute and delicious.  Although we made these birds for our Thanksgiving meal, they taste too good to wait until November to eat again.

Crescent Roll Baker 1

Preheat oven to 350.  Spray the muffin tin cups with butter-flavored cooking spray.  Drape unrolled crescent rolls over each muffin cup.  Make sure the dough drapes down into the cup and both the triangular tip and the wide end lay flat on top of the cups.  With scissors, cut the wide end of each triangle into feathers.  Eyes can be added in pointed end with toothpick.  Bake, following the crescent roll can directions.

Crescent Roll Birds 1Crescent Roll bird









What would a turkey say when the rolls are ready to eat? “Gobble me!” What else?

  6 Responses to “Grandkids Gobble Them Any Time”

  1. Cutest idea ever. I’d love it if you linked these to What’d You Do This Weekend on Monday.

    Wishes for tasty dishes,

  2. What a fabulous idea … I’m thinking they would also be awesome as snacks if you were having people round to socialise. I’ve just mixed cream cheese with tiny pieces of smoked salmon and put it on cucumber rounds (2cm thick), but a mixture like this would be lovely dolloped on these cute little birds I think too. Could use a caper for the eye!

    • Wow, do we think alike!!! I was thinking about strawberries with cream cheese and perhaps red m&m’s for eyes. Your idea sounds healthier.

  3. These are absolutely adorable…and I love to cook and bake with my grandbabies, too. We’ve had so much fun in the kitchen over the years! I especially liked when my oldest granddaughter told my (now EX) daughter-in-law that you baked cookies with ‘nilla, sugar and flour, not those slice and bake things! #littlewins

    Love your blog– and we are just behind you in our stage of life. Empty nesters and downsizing…

    • Thanks for the kind compliments. When the grandkids enjoy doing things that they learned in my kitchen, I know that I’m influencing them in a good and grandmom way.

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