Mar 062014

One of these cute little princesses is me!
Handmade Matching Dresses Princess Dress My mom loved to make us matching dresses, even though it’s obvious we weren’t twins.

I begged her to teach me to sew too, since computers and other fun things weren’t invented yet.

Fortunately, I never got blood poisoning from the many times my fingers got in the way of the machine’s needles.

Exactly one year ago, I followed my family’s advice and began writing down all the stories of our travels, hobbies and crafts.

So if you picked the mischievous looking one on the right, yes that’s me.

To celebrate this first anniversary and honor my mom’s patient teaching, I want to give a lucky winner this handmade Princess Dress.  It is fully lined, with attached netting for that poufy princess look. Please note that this dress will fit a girl that is a size 4 up to 6.  My beautiful model is a size 6.  For more details, please go to my Etsy site.

Good luck and hope you win this dress for your little princess.
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  28 Responses to “First Anniversary Princess Dress Give Away”

  1. How cute are you and Carol! What a nice thing for your Mother to do! You both must have felt like princesses for sure! Now I know how much sewing means to you and the story behind it.

    • Thanks Karen. Carol and I loved wearing dresses made just for us. The handmade clothes were made with love.

  2. It’s absolutely beautiful!

  3. Hi There!
    I love your blog and your initiatives. I´m from Argentina, I have a 3 years old daughter and ´d love to became the first abroad father to get this beatifull dresess for my princess! (of course I pay for the shipping costs 😉
    Best regards
    PD long time ago I used to work with Lisa Fels, she recommend me here

    • Hi Matias, thanks for your comments and joining the contest. How wonderful that you are staying in touch with Lisa. She has wonderful memories of working with you.

  4. Neva, you’re so talented! And you’re the best grandma ever. I would love to win this beautiful princess dress for my princesses. Thank you in advance if I win!

  5. You are absolutely amazing! I see where Kari gets her artistic talent

  6. Jackpot! I guessed correctly with the one of the right, Neva! Just a feeling and I did sincerely pick the little girl on the right. I’ve been accumulating all of my childhood stories in my head too so I can’t wait to read yours! 🙂

    • Please do start writing down your childhood stories. You have a great writing style and the world deserves to hear and see how cute you were too.

  7. This is lovely! You’re very talented. I entered to win this for my niece 🙂

  8. My very favorite color! I would have swooned over this as a little girl, absolutely beautiful:-)

  9. Very cute dress!

  10. Beautiful dress 🙂 Shame I don’t know any children that could wear it!

  11. You are so talented! This will make some little girl very, very happy~

    • Thanks, Irene. I love bringing smiles to children and dress up clothes really bring out the make believe in everyone.

  12. Your photo makes me smile, brings back memories. My mom used to dress my sisters and I all alike. We were close in age and some thought we were triplets in the early years!
    But I have to say, *I* want a princess dress like this! Do you think a 50+ Grandma would be noticed walking down the street in this pink-perfection-of-a-princess dress? hmmm, maybe not!
    You are a talented woman, and I love how you make pretend play extra special for your grandchildren!

    • I guess the moms still dress their daughters alike, but I couldn’t do it my girls. I love to encourage make believe and see the kids smiles when creating play time.

  13. Beautiful Neva! I hope someone deserving wins that beautiful dress. You were a very cute little thing back in the day – I love old photos like that! Can’t wait to read more about your life, and keep going with The Book!

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