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Welcome to my orchid growing hobby.  No, I don’t have a huge room for growing orchids.  When we became ‘Empty Nesters’ and moved to Utah, we downsized to fit our new lifestyle.  It would be nice if growing orchids was as easy as growing a bloomin’ onion, but the dry climate of Utah adds a special challenge.
Orchid Hobby
I’ve loved these unique flowers since my first prom date, when I received an orchid in my corsage.Orchid Hobby Room

My “orchid room” consists of a large plastic container, lined with heavy plastic to hold water. This plastic liner can then be easily replaced when it becomes dirty.  A plastic ceiling grate or grill was cut to fit on top of the container, so the plants can sit above the water and receive needed humidity.  Shining down on the flowers are two Fluorescent lights – one regular and one warm or grow light.  An automatic timer takes care of producing each day of artificial sunlight.Orchid Hobby close up

My flowering Phalaenopsis or moth orchid’s only care is a watering “weekly and weakly.”  This means the flowers are given water each week with a weak amount of orchid fertilizer.  Some growers recommend placing three ice cubes around each plant weekly, which is the equivalent of 1/4 cup of water.  Apparently the ice cubes melt so slowly that the temperature doesn’t affect the plant.

If the orchids are to receive light from a window sill, it’s recommended that the windows should be cleaned frequently.  Well, now you know why I don’t keep them on a window sill.

For more information on growing orchids, click to the  Just Add Ice website.  What flowers challenge your green thumb these days?

  22 Responses to “My Empty Nester Orchid Room”

  1. The orchids are beautiful, Neva! I’m horrible at getting plants to survive – that’s my fault not the plants. And your reminded me of the much needed moisture and good lighting to help them flourish! 🙂

  2. Hi Neva, I love orchids (as you probably know). I have never tired to grow them, but that is on my “some day to do list”. My attempts at growing plants in Korea has been dismal. Some say that the natural gas heating is not good for them. I don’t know if this is true or not. Also, It’s a pain to find someone to look after any plant when I’m traveling. An acquaintance in CM grows orchids in her bathroom, and they seem to do well.

  3. Beautiful orchids Neva! And thank you for the tips. I currently have two, and one is just losing its flowers, and I wondered if I should keep on with the fertiliser. So I think I shall, but weakly.

  4. This is so beautiful! I love orchids, especially purple ones <3

  5. Orchids are the most beautiful flowers. Have tried keeping my own in the past, but always ended up dying! Yours look amazing though 🙂

  6. This plastic liner would be so nice in my own house!

  7. I love your fun ideas! I think I will have to use some of them in my teaching. 🙂

    • Glad you like my little Orchid room. It doesn’t take up much room and it brings a smile when I look at the orchids.

  8. Man, I got an orchid as a gift and swear I managed to kill that thing in a week, flat. A green thumb I truly don’t have! But this looks like a beautiful collection and hobby to have!

    • All the books and how to books say it’s so easy, but I’m like you. I find keeping an orchid alive very challenging, that’s why it’s a fun hobby. Plus orchids are one of the most beautiful flowers, in my estimation.

  9. My grandmother really love orchids. She waters her orchid morning and afternoon. She loves her orchid more than me. .LOL 😀

  10. This is an awsome set up! I have a bunch of orchid’s growing on my desk, but they are just hanging out on the glass table making a mess. I think I might improve my setup with the help of this post. Thanks for the info!

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