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Visually stroll with us down this colorful brick pathway to the patio of an elegant French-style chateau restaurant. We didn’t have to travel to France for Sunday Brunch with our family.

#La Caille, #swans, #RetirefortheFunofitA summer morning is the perfect time to enjoy blue skies, picturesque mountains in the background, and graceful swans.
#La Caille #brunch #RetirefortheFunofit
Although the restaurant’s patio was filled with guests, our dining area was secluded for a perfect family brunch experience. The gazebo has grapevines intertwined on the metal work to create a natural privacy. We were surrounded by fragrant trees, a water fountain and wandering peacock families.

We didn’t think we were that hungry, but we devoured the warm croissants and appetizers that were served while our food was being made. The boys were kept busy with pictures to color that they turned into cards of birthday wishes for Grandpa Lee.

The children’s menu had the boy’s favorite – French toast with Chantilly cream, bacon and fresh berries. Our waitress offered suggestions on menu choices and the staff was quick to refill our water glasses. The waiter brought our meals at the perfect temperature, while entertaining the children with funny comments. I love trying something different, and the salmon with asparagus omelet was uniquely delicious. You could tell everyone was delighted with their food, when the discussions turned to how much they were enjoying their selections. I’ve included the menu to tease your taste buds.

The grapes in the vineyard weren’t ready for harvesting yet, but the boys noted that the wine cellar certainly wasn’t empty.

After brunch, we leisurely wandered down the walkways and stopped on bridges to enjoy the clear water flowing down from the mountains. The fragrant topiaries add a fantasy setting to the 20 acres of gardens surrounding La Caille, where ducks, geese and peacocks roam freely.

This fairytale setting made our daughter and son-in-law’s wedding so uniquely memorable five years ago. Our Sunday Brunch was a perfect excuse to celebrate their anniversary. One special remembrance was of our grand-daughter making sure she only dropped three flower petals on each step, to lead us to the wedding ceremony.
#La Caille #Restaurant #RetirefortheFunofit
Although we didn’t stay at La Caille until dusk, I couldn’t resist sharing this picture from our daughter’s wedding. I wanted to leave you with this idyllic setting as the final page of our picture-perfect anniversary story. Where is your favorite restaurant?

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  1. We have fond memories of Lisa and Jarrod’s wedding at LaCaille also! Very unique place for all kinds of celebrations! Worth a look on their website.

    • Their wedding is five years ago and it doesn’t seem that long ago when the family was together. So glad you were able to celebrate with our family at La Caille.

  2. What an absolutely idyllic place for your daughter and son-in-law’s wedding. I love the final photo with the lights twinkling – it looks so romantic. Returning for an anniversary celebration must have been heartwarming too, and the setting of your table secluded and amongst the vines looks lovely. Loved the pic of your grand-daughter scattering just three flower petals on each step – precious.

    • My daughter asked me to create her flower girl dress in this French style. Iris was told to drop about 3 petals per step and she took it very literally. It was so cute and we loved repeating all these memories at the brunch.

  3. Your daughter and son-in-law picked a beautiful location for their wedding. What a wonderful way to celebrate their anniversary! A fairy tale setting.

    • When visiting this chateau restaurant, you need to set aside more than an hour or two. Just strolling through the trails makes you want to slow down and enjoy the day.

  4. Beautiful wedding venue – love the photo at dusk.

    • The pond in front of the chateau is a perfect photo for reflecting the area. It’s hard to not get great pictures there.

  5. Breathtaking and beautiful. You always have the perfect photos and capture the essence of a place. I would love to have vow renewal ceremony there.

    • This would be the perfect setting for a vow renewal ceremony at La Caille. This would give you a reason to come back for anniversary celebrations too.

  6. Oh how picturesque! Who would have thought a French chateau in Utah! Beautiful!

    • Utah has a moderate climate that allowed this atmosphere of a French chateau. A family with a dream to build La Caille made it happen and we get to enjoy their dream.

  7. Beautiful place…

    • This area has an abundance of streams from the melting snow off the mountains. The trees are so much larger here than other areas, since Utah is in the desert.

  8. What a wonderful place for a wedding. Absolutely stunning. That last picture is just gorgeous. I love the reflection.

    • We’ve taken many photos at that spot and there’s always a reflection for us to enjoy. It doesn’t matter what time of day, but it is more stunning at night.

  9. What an idyllic spot for brunch, dinner, or a wedding. I love the topiaries.

    • This is where we love to spend a day when we are celebrating a special occasion. The grounds are so well maintained and a joy to leisurely stroll through.

  10. What an elegant setting for a brunch and a happy place to bring back memories of a family wedding. I would so enjoy looking at those topiaries and walking down the path by that pond with the fountain and swans.

    • If you happen to visit Utah, we would love to show you La Caille. Pictures can never give the entire experience of this French-syle Chateau.

  11. Oh wow! I want to go! I would really love to visit with my husband for a weekend getaway.

  12. Wow, what a gorgeous setting!

    • The meals are pricey at La Caille, but when you experience the total package – it becomes a bargain. It’s not a restaurant where you have the fast food (eat and go) experience.

  13. Ha! You know me the foodie, Neva! Of course I had to click on your menu link! I would most definitely have the Bacon, Wild Mushroom and Cheese Omelet 🙂 Or that French Toast sounded pretty good. I love that look on your grandson’s face looking up a smirk at the camera! 🙂 This is absolutely gorgeous and most definitely the kind of setting I would want to have a “formal” wedding at. Happy 5th Anniversary to your daughter and son-in-law! 🙂

    • This is by far one of the most amazing places to have a wedding and then the anniversaries. The food was superb in a gazebo surrounded by beauty.

  14. STUuuuuuuuuuuuNNING. Absolutely MAGICAL.
    Did Cinderella get married her, too?!! No, I’m serious. This is quite out-of-this-world.
    WOW. Thank you for sharing these exquisite photos. x

    • I don’t think Cinderella was French or she would have loved getting married at LaCaille. When we have a meal there we know we won’t leave for at least a few hours, it’s so lovely walking around and taking photos of the family.

  15. Hi Neva! What an absolutely glorious setting for a wedding or any kind of special gathering. I would love to go there.

    • This was a memorable wedding setting for our daughter and the families. Now we have more excuses to return for anniversaries and any other reason we can think of.

  16. What an absolutely charming place to relax and enjoy a family brunch and relive memories from your daughter’s wedding. I would have ordered the salmon with asparagus omelet, too – sounds delicious!

    • The meal was excellent and sitting in this gazebo gave us close access to the area and yet privacy. We had such a wonderful time.

  17. I would love to visit La Caille! I really enjoyed my time in Park City and here is another reason for me to return. I love the photos of the wedding. What a perfect place for such an event!

    • We have some unique and interesting places waiting for your return to visit. We love to travel, but we have great places for travelers to see and enjoy.

  18. Oh, what a lovely spot! I was so captivated by your private dining space, and then to be treated to the lovely wedding photos. Just magnificent.

    • This area is a wonderful place in a peaceful setting and yet close to the city’s bustling highways. It’s nice to not have to travel far to feel like you are in another country’s ambience.

  19. I love finding “Europe” close to home. A great tip and sounds like a great place.

    • We just returned from Europe and visiting La Caille was a way of visiting a French chateau in our backyard. This restaurant now holds many great memories of our family events.

  20. pinned and shared with my daughter, who’s actually planning to retire to Utah in a few years!

    • I hope you come to visit her when she retires in our state. You and your daughter have a lot of great things to do and see in Utah.

  21. What a glorious place for a wedding or brunch or just a stroll! I have never heard of it and I am thrilled you introduced me!

    • I would also love to take you on a stroll and brunch at the La Caille restaurant. It’s one of our hidden gems for anyone coming to our area.

  22. I love the metal grillwork around the gazebo. It looks so European!

    • The gazebo was such a neat place to have our brunch. We were close to the other people on the patio and yet had exclusive privacy.

  23. So lovely. I could FEEL the place through your photos.

  24. Coincidentally, my sister-in-law is sitting right next to me trying to arrange a flight to Salt Lake City for a conference. I will definitely be passing along your blog post to her. This place looks magical.

    • It would be my pleasure to be her tour guide while she is visiting our city. There are many places worth seeing while she’s here.

  25. Unless there are two chateaus restaurants new SLC, we ate here years ago. I didn’t remember it being in the city- I thought we traveled a bit to get there. The meal was great and the gardens, too.

    • The chateau isn’t in the heart of downtown Salt Lake City and would be a bit of a distance from there. It is in the suburb of Sandy at the base of Little Cottonwood canyon. I’m glad you had a wonderful experience at La Caille as it is a magical place to enjoy.

  26. What a lovely place to go – France at home! And the pictures are just stunning. Thanks for drawing me in!

    • It is neat to have a French Chateau and amazing gardens in our area to enjoy. My daughter’s wedding was so beautiful and the memories are even better when we can go back and visit there.

  27. This is not the Little Cottonwood Canyon of days gone by when I was at the U. So many wonderful memories in that area. La Caille looks absolutely lovely. I don’t think I’d want to leave.

    • This is definitely a restaurant that is worth lingering for a few hours. The peacefulness and beauty of the well maintained grounds is a pleasure to enjoy.

  28. really it is a beautiful french chateau………

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