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There are many ways to cook a Thanksgiving dinner, but I couldn’t believe anyone ever tried a dishwasher!cooking in a dishwasher

This 1970’s picture shows a large salmon with vegetables, wrapped in tin foil and cooked in their dishwasher.  The story is here. Cooking in a car b que cooking in a bbq cooker

Or, how about lasagna in your dishwasher.  Set the dishwasher to normal cycle and select ‘heated dry’ and ‘sanitize’ settings for maximum heat.

To clean your dishes at the same time, place food in airtight sealed jars.  Select regular dishwashing cycles and add the detergent.  Now that’s taking multi-tasking to another level!

Hungry road travelers can eat tasty manifold grilled meals that are called Car-B-Que. This is really what I would call fast food for road kill.

Did you know that hot dog cookers are also available for snowmobiles that strap to your exhaust?  The story didn’t say where the Ketchup and pickles are stored.

Our thanksgiving turkey was smoked over mesquite to a golden crispness in this elite barbeque rotisserie smoker oven.

The HolySmoke Barbeque company made all these hams and turkeys for Thanksgiving.  The smoked flavor was amazing.

If your mouth is watering now, their facebook page is:    How was your Thanksgiving dinner cooked?

  10 Responses to “Dinner Cooked in the Dishwasher”

  1. My goodness, what some inventive ways of cooking dinner. Your headline about cooking in the dishwasher captured my attention immediately, and I didn’t for one moment think that it was possible! Incredible. The Car B Que – well, I’ve never heard of anything like that either. What we can learn from reading blogs, hey! Thanks for sharing Neva!

    • I agree, Jo. As you can tell at the end of the post, we didn’t even cook our own turkey. Our dishwasher was full, but of dirty dishes!

  2. Goodness! That’s taking cooking to a whole new level. Previously the most bizarre use of a dishwasher I had heard was when my brother used one to wash his jeans at boarding school (without the boarding mistress’ knowledge, of course!). Thanks for another fun and entertaining blog post

    • Thank you for the nice comment. The idea of cooking in the dishwasher is certainly good for a laugh. I hope your brother washed his jeans on a cool setting. So funny.

  3. I once attempted to toast a bagel in my car because I got in it after work one summer day and thought it was “as hot as an oven” in there. It didn’t work. It just became dehydrated instead of undergoing a Maillard reaction and having a nice, crisp and toasty exterior. I thought about cooking a Thanksgiving turkey via sous vide this year since my oven is too small to hold both of the birds I needed to cook. However, I decided that a dinner party is not the time to experiment, especially since I’d be hacking a sous vide cooker out of an Igloo cooler. I did attempt to talk a friend into smoking my turkey, but he was too afraid to experiment as well. He calls himself Holy Smoke, too. Those turkeys and hams in your photo look delicious.

    • I love your stories about finding other ideas for doing large meals and not enough oven space. Our turkey was definitely the star of the show and my oven was doing all the other food items.

  4. Yikes! I would never have the guts…

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