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When we are looking for a weekend trip to one of our favorite vacation spots, our first choice is always Moab, Utah.  The camping and rafting trips, surrounded by scenic red rock landscapes, are so peaceful and relaxing for this city livin’ grandmom.

The Arches National Park has the largest concentration of natural sandstone arches, fins and spires and are worth visiting often.

Three GossipsThe park’s eighteen mile drive takes you through amazing natural sites, such as the Three Graces.

These spires are also wrongly called The Three Gossips.   This conjures up an image of yakking women, which doesn’t reflect a very peaceful image of this view.

Balancing Rock 1The balancing rock is the size of three school busses.  The small pile of rocks to the right was named “the Chip off the Old Block, but fell during the winter of 1975/1976.

On the far right of Balanced Rock is an Entrada Sandstone fin.  It doesn’t resemble anything to get a special name other than it’s description, “fin.”

Windo Area double arch

The windows area of the Double Arch and Archaeologist Cave were used in the beginning of the film “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.”

The hike is a gentle, half mile climb from the Window’s parking area.  It’s massiveness really sinks in when you climb up right under the arches.

Delicate Arch_bThe Delicate arch is a symbol of the state of Utah.  It was originally known as the “Cowboy chaps,” which really does look like the leather leg covers used by ranchers.

This view of the Delicate Arch shows the La Sal Mountains in the background.   The 1.5 mile hike from the Wolfe Ranch parking area to the arch is marked with cairns (small stacked rocks)  to show the way.  The walk is without much shade, so be sure to bring plenty of water.

Taking this picture without tourists, means extraordinary patience is required.  A perfect “photo op” is well worth the wait, since this is a view that is unbelievably breathtaking.

If your knees don’t like long hikes anymore, an easier 10 to 15 minute walk from The Delicate Arch viewpoint parking area, gives a more distant but beautiful view of the arch.

The Moab area has so much to offer and is also a short distance from the Canyonlands National Park and Dead Horse Point State Park.  I would recommend viewing this website:  for helpful information on hiking, camping, photographing, or just touring by car before you visit these natural treasures.

Visit this travel site for more places to visit.

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  1. I’m going to try the jerky when we get home! Pics are beautiful! I get them on my IPad, but not on my computer, get only the words!

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  2. 行動電源…

    I went over this website and I think you have lots of excellent info, saved to favorites (:….

  3. I’ve really wanted to get to Moab for years. Hoping we can get there in the fall. Great photos!

    • This is such a remarkable place that everyone sits and whispers as if they are in a religious sanctuary. It’s area is part of a fault line, scary huh!

  4. I’d like to get to the area too – I love deserts -though the sight of sealed roads is a little weird – that doesn’t happen in Australia! Can you camp in the park?

    • Yes, there are designated areas in the park to camp. About fifteen years ago, we could set up a tent almost anywhere and now with more people arriving it’s become more restricted.

  5. Gorgeous! Love those earthy colors. Very much like the colors I’m seeing where I am right now. Someone suggested to me that because I’m a Capricorn I’m drawn to these tones. Don’t know about that, but there are very vibrant and somehow primeval. Thank you for bringing the area to life for me!

    • You also are very lucky to see and enjoy the colors of the surroundings in your area. We take our eyesight too much for granted and need to slow down and appreciate beauty as it appears in our paths.

  6. Based on your photo, it’s hard to believe that anyone could look at that formation and think “Three Gossips”. “Three Graces” is what it evokes for me. Thanks for covering this park on your blog. There is so much to see “out west”, but we seem to always be flying over flyover country.

    • I agree and wonder if the person who named this formation the three gossips had an unhappy marriage. We’ll go with Three Graces and defy anyone to suggest otherwise.

  7. Hi Neva: It’s been a long time since I’ve visited Utah, but your post makes me want to go back. Nice pics!

  8. I love Utah but have never made it to Arches. Your blog post makes me want to go all the more. I did, however, have some wonderful adventures in southern Utah that might interest you.

  9. Your blog brings back memories. Nature’s art is astounding! We camped with our two boys in an Aspen forest with a lake and had it to ourselves in the 80’s. Thank you.

    • In the 80’s and 90’s there weren’t so many people and crowds. Then you could camp and explore without tripping over other tents. Now hopefully nature’s art will stay pristine for more generations to admire.

  10. Beautiful post, Neva. It’s been ages since I’ve been there and your pictures brought back some very good memories.

    • Memories about the slow down and peaceful times are worth recapturing. We sometimes don’t slow down often enough to enjoy people and history.

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