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Oh, give me a home where the buffalo roam?  And I’ll show you some fresh buffalo chips! buffalo roaming antelope island blog
Visiting Utah’s Antelope Island State Park is the best way to view the Great Salt Lake, America’s Dead Sea.  The largest Island on the Great Salt Lake is home to a roaming herd of over 500 bison.

Bison roam anywhere they want to, and they may find your car side-mirrors ideal for scratching where it itches.  Explaining this damage on your car insurance claim may be difficult!

Pronghorn Antelope by Dave Menke, USFWS copyThe Antelope Island’s name came from the Pronghorns that populate the island.  They resemble the African antelope and apparently the North American cowboys didn’t want to call this place, Pronghorn Island.

Also, buffalo don’t roam anywhere in North America.  The bison resembles the African Buffalo, but singing about “where the bison roams” just doesn’t sound right.

Picture 281 copyOur grandsons are looking for signs that the buffalo herd had been there.

The island has many hiking and biking trails for them to enjoy.  But for now, the camping, sandy beaches, and exploring the historical Garr Ranch with us and their parents are more fun for them.

The bison and Pronghorn Antelope have long been a part of the island’s history and this is a great way to see nature living a free roaming life.

This white statue is the only kind of bison I would feel safe to have roaming near my home.  Through the openings, you can view the seven mile long causeway leading to Antelope Island.Blog buffalo
Blog buffalo causeway

  16 Responses to “View of America’s Dead Sea, The Great Salt Lake at Antelope Island”

  1. How interesting…I loved the photo of your grandsons!

  2. We just passed by the Great Salt Lake in January. The day was cold and not encouraging to get out of the warm car especially since we had just driven through snowy conditions. Anyway… I didn’t realize there were island in the lake. Maybe next time we pass through the area we’ll spend some time exploring.

    • The island is a place we love going to on a sunny, wintery day as well as in summer. The kids love playing in the sand and roping the wood steers at the ranch. Lot’s to do.

  3. Thanks for sharing a place I hadn’t heard of. Perhaps we’ll get a chance to check it out one day.

  4. Antelope Island looks like an interesting place to visit. I hope to get there some day.

  5. Before I read the text, I was thinking, too, that the setting was reminiscent of Africa~

  6. One thing I love about reading Boomer Travel Bloggers blog posts is learning about places I’ve never heard of — in my own country, no less. Traveling with grandchildren looks like a lot of fun (except for when it isn’t, I guess). Little children come up with some amazing insights because they don’t know what they’re “supposed” to think.

    • We love traveling around on the island. No matter if it’s summer or winter, there’s so much to enjoy for families. Yes, seeing the world through a child’s eyes keeps a grandparent young and full of enjoyment for the moment.

  7. Great post with so many fun photos. I have not yet done much exploring in this area. It definitely looks worth a trip. Thanks!

  8. Love the shot of your ‘wee ones’ in search of evidence! Thanks for introducing me to a place I’d not heard of before!

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