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Did you ever receive a book that you just couldn’t set down?  This inspiring travel guide, 100 Places in the USA Every Woman Should Go, is written by Sophia Dembling.  She weaves over 100 enticing tales involving remarkable women that helped shape America’s history.

What better way to read her comments about ski resorts than while stopping near Robert Redford’s Sundance Resort, on Utah’s Alpine Loop scenic roadway.  If you were expecting to see me sharing this chapter with Bob, well – not on this trip. Our on-going joke is that everyone has personally seen him, except me.
Honeymoon Camper for two on Route 66
Our first camper was perfect for traveling across country with our 1964 Pontiac convertible. Those were the days of driving down Route 66 on a tank of gas for less than a dollar a gallon.  You can see why this camper was descriptively named the “Honeymoon Special.”

We can relate to Sophia’s statement, that you know America is a big hunk of land when driving from sea to shining sea. We’ve visited many parks and landmarks mentioned in her book, but now she’s given us quite a few more places to check off on our bucket travel list.

Dead Horse Point State Park
Mentioned in her book is Utah’s Dead Horse Point State Park.  You can view, but please not do, a Thelma and Louise moment where their final drive over the cliff was filmed.  This is also a very tragic view of where wild horses were corralled. They could see the water, but would plunge to their death in desperation to reach it.

Utah scenic roads
Pioneer women had to be as tough as men to travel on the wagon trains that brought them out west.  Sophia notes that there aren’t many museums dedicated specifically to women.

Her book still has something for everyone and plenty of gal loving trivia about the USA.  She describes museums dedicated to women pilots, brothels, Salem witches and artists. I can relate to her descriptive trivia and history about shopping malls, where we have all done the “shoppers death march” laden down with purchases.
HO Scale Train Room

My husband and I manage an HO scale train room.  You are always invited to see how we have depicted some scenic travels on our trains. This is where you may find me re-reading her travel guide for help in planning our next trip across the USA.

Since travel maps were replaced with a GPS, I hope you will share what is now your favorite travel planning guide.

  29 Responses to “100 Places in the USA Every Woman Should Go”

  1. Looks to be a really good read, I will look into it. It would be fun to see how many of the places I’ve been to!

    • I scanned the chapters first before I read the book and was pleasantly surprised at how many places I hadn’t been to yet.

  2. I didn’t see Bob at Sundance either and believe me, I was looking! I think I’d really like Sophia’s book. She sounds like my kind of gal.

  3. Irene’s website offers the best books to read! “100 Places in the USA every Woman Should Visit” sounds fascinating so congratulations on winning and thanks for sharing your thoughts on it.

    • I was not only fortunate to receive the book, but fortunate to read such interesting facts about places I still need to visit.

  4. That book sounds like a great find. I may have to get a copy myself. I look forward to reading about the places it inspires you to go.

  5. The best travel guides for inspiration and direction Neva are travel blogs such as yours 🙂
    Love the look of this book – Thanks for the pointer!

    • Thanks so much for such kind words coming from a travel blogger I admire greatly. I love this book for the fact that it’s worth re-reading often. It was a gift that keeps on giving (information).

  6. It’s amazing that travel guides are still being written considering how hard it is to sell them. I’m pleased to learn that “100 Places in the USA Every Woman Should Go” is out there for our enlightenment. Thanks for sharing. For many years I published guidebook with my own company, Carousel Press, but last year decided to liquidate. Currently, my favorite guidebook is one I am editing titled “Camping Europe.” It is an amazingly detailed guide and essential if you want to do a camping trip in Europe.

  7. Interesting, thank you 🙂

  8. When I saw the post title I was awed that you had taken on such a daunting task. I was excited to see which of these places I’d been to. Now I have to buy the book to find out.

    • The book has so many interesting descriptions of places that I never had heard about before. I find myself re-reading excerpts that made me laugh over again. Sophia has a way of making stories fun to read and not boring.

  9. It sound like a great book! I always enjoy other people’s ideas on where to go and what to see in America.

    • I’ve scoured the Rick Steves books and love the info he gives. Sophia’s book stands apart because of the humor interspersed with the information about each area.

  10. Someday we hope to travel across the USA visiting some of the historic sites, museums and National Parks and this book looks like it packs a wealth of information as well as tidbits of fascinating information. Loved the picture of you in front of your camper “The Honeymoon Special!”

    • Her tidbits of information makes you want to make the trek to all the interesting places she discussed. Glad you liked seeing our first camper that was light enough for a car to easily tow.

  11. Sounds like a good book for a road trip. Did it mention the Women’s Rights National Historic Park in Seneca, NY?

    • Yes, Kristin, the Women’s Rights National Historic Park is discussed in the Women’s History section. She discussed very eloquently that “women were expected to marry, and when they did, ceased to exist.” A sobering read about our what our “feminist foremothers accomplished.”

  12. Seems a good read. I will check this out. All the pictures are very nice and it is nice to know that you have managed a HO scale train room along with your husband.

    • Glad you enjoyed reading about this fun and informative book. I’m always finding more places to visit that are listed in the book.

  13. Hi Neva! It’s so nice to see a post from you. I had checked back frequently for months then I went on a sabbatical myself. Not sure how “fully operational” I will be again with blogging so we will see. It sounds like a fantastic book even for a guy as well. That is funny about you not seeing Robert Redford – I’m a HUGE fan of his. Your retro 1964 pic soooo reminded me of camping in my aunt and uncle’s tent trailer when I was kid. Those were genuinely fun times. I hope you are doing fantastic and have a great day! 🙂

    • I have been slacking on blogging on a weekly basis and need to make more time again. Mike, I hope your healing time has helped with missing your beautiful pet.

  14. Sounds like a great read! I loved Park City and would love to visit again during the Sundance festival or anytime. Actually there are so many places in Utah that I would love to visit!

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